Martini Recipes

Martinis. Whether you're already a fan or are still learning to love them, they're an iconic cocktail worth knowing.

Oftentimes when you think of a martini, it's the classic recipe (stirred, not shaken for the record, Mr. Bond) that comes to mind. But there are so many other ways to enjoy this drink! 

  • A dirty martini gets its salty, savory flavor from olive juice. A dill pickle martini has a similar effect, depending on your preference.
  • Give this strong sipper some sweet notes by incorporating cucumber for a fresh, bright option.

Dessert martinis are more of a distant cousin of the OG recipe in the classic glass. Sweet and packed with flavor, these are oh-so-easy to enjoy.

  • A lemon drop martini has refreshing citrus flavor, balanced sweetness and a tangy lemon kick like a glass of liquid sunshine.
  • Made with apple schnapps, vodka and a splash of orange liqueur, you’ll find the appletini isn't too bright or overly sweet.
  • The French martini is a classic cocktail with a kick from plain vodka and tang from pineapple juice.

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