Vodka Gummy Worms

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Vodka gummy worms are a fun, colorful and slightly creepy way to celebrate Halloween! Make a big batch to enjoy at a Halloween party or just because. Customize them with your favorite booze.

colorful vodka gummy worms "crawl" out of a coupe glass filled with sprite

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Vodka Gummy Worms

Gummy worms have always been so fun and silly to me. Worms are gross, but make them candy? Slightly less gross.

Now if we add booze, like I did with vodka gummy bears? Instantly less gross, but possibly way more silly!

Vodka gummy worms are super fun for Halloween, which is right around the corner.

If you’ve never had vodka gummies, they are simply gummy candy soaked in your favorite alcohol — vodka in this case!

The gummies soak up the alcohol and become similar to jell-o shots (but possibly more fun to eat).

They’re boozy and fruity, and so delightful to snack on with friends! I love making them for a party.

two couple glasses of vodka gummy worms on a white background

How to make vodka gummy worms

Never had drunken gummy worms? You must try them.

They are so very, very simple to make. HOW simple?

Step 1: Buy gummy worms.

Step 2: Add vodka, or your choice of alcohol.

Step 3: Wait patiently (12 to 24 hours, maybe longer).

Step 4: Eat!

Seriously, that’s it. It really couldn’t be more simple.

plain gummy worms in a bowl

Serving suggestions

And because vodka gummy worms are so easy to make and customize, you can make as big or small of a batch as you want.

Make them for a big Halloween party or just for a weekend movie marathon with your girlfriends.

I like to serve them in a pretty glass with some Sprite, ginger ale or club soda to make a creepy but fun cocktail for Halloween.

But you could also dump them in a big bowl and serve them with a spoon. Might be even creepier that way?

vodka being poured from a glass bottle into a glass bowl filled with gummy worms

Drunken gummy worms

You can use any kind of gummy worm.

I used Albanese gummy worms because they were more colorful than any of the other brands of gummy worms at my grocery store, but feel free to use any kind you find.

If you use sour gummy worms, the alcohol is going to get even sweeter as the sugar coating will dissolve into the alcohol. They will still keep their sour taste.

For vodka, you can use your favorite brand, but I would reserve the fanciest stuff for your martinis.

Check out my Vodka 101 post for tips on buying vodka and my favorite brands.

closeup of vodka gummy worms in a glass topped with sprite

How long to soak gummies in alcohol

There is a magic time frame here, but it all comes down to personal preference.

My original recipe for drunken gummy bears says to soak your gummies in vodka anywhere from 12 to 24 hours.

They will swell and soften the longer you soak them. I prefer mine on the 12-hour side so that they’re still a bit chewy while also boozy.

However, I received many comments from readers who prefer a longer soak time. A couple of folks even suggested a week!

However long you choose, be sure to stir often because they will begin to coagulate and become a solid, slimy mass. (Ask me how I know.)

You may leave them at room temperature, but placing them in the cold fridge helps them keep their shape and dissolve more slowly.

two couple glasses overflowing with drunken gummy worms on a white background

Tips for success

One reader, Maz, suggested that you drain off the alcohol and save it for future cocktails. I’d store it in a mason jar or an empty bottle.

Then he says to dry them with paper towels and roll them in cornstarch to help them from sticking.

The corn starch trick sounds really promising, though I have not tried it myself!

How to store

Once your gummies have reached your desired level of booziness, you can toss all of your gummy worms into one big bowl.

I store mine in glass containers with lids while they soak. I prefer glass to plastic for the long infusion time. If you need to place them in bags, do so when you are ready to serve.

They can get quite sticky, so serve them with a spoon or toothpicks! And napkins, too.

(Although I find spoons to be a bit safer than toothpicks when alcohol is involved…)

colorful vodka gummy worms "crawl" out of a coupe glass on a white background

Alcohol for drunken gummy worms

Vodka is my choice today, but I’ve tried this with a number of types of alcohol. A flavored rum or flavored vodka would be really good too!

I already love rum for these rum gummy bears, so I’m certain they’d be good with the gummy worms too. I’m dying to try them with my homemade spiced rum.

Vodka works just as well, as do whiskey and tequila. I’ve even made rosé gummy bears and champagne gummy bears!

The alcohol gummies get bloated and puffy when they soak up the alcohol — all the better for a boozy treat.

For those who love rum & Cokes or whiskey & Cokes, check out my whiskey and coke gummies, which use cola-flavored gummy candy and you can use your favorite rum or whiskey.

You could even try some flavored booze, like coconut rum or vanilla vodka to get some other flavors.

The point of a treat like this is it’s supposed to be fun! So experiment and see what you like.

Let me know if you try these boozy gummy worms for your Halloween shenanigans this year!

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closeup of vodka gummy worms in a glass topped with sprite

Vodka Gummy Worms

Yield: 8 servings
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 0 minutes
Total Time: 1 day 5 minutes
Halloween cocktail parties should include a spooky glass of vodka gummy worms!
4.67 from 3 votes
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  • 2 cups gummy worms
  • 2 cups vodka
  • 2 ounces lemon-lime soda or ginger ale or club soda


  • Fill an airtight, glass container with gummy worms. Top with enough liquor to cover the candies.
  • Cover and refrigerate for 12 to 24 hours, or until they reach your desired consistency. Drain any excess alcohol, and serve with spoons or toothpicks.
  • For a spooky cocktail, fill a coupe glass with gummy worms. Top with 2 ounces Sprite, ginger ale or club soda.


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nutrition information

Yield: 8 servings

amount per serving:

Serving: 0.25cup Calories: 325kcal Carbohydrates: 44g Protein: 5g Sodium: 24mg Potassium: 1mg Sugar: 25g Iron: 0.01mg
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  1. Maz2331 says

    Proper soaking technique is key here, and consists of just barely covering the gummies with the alcohol, putting them in the refrigerator and stirring every 12 hours. Add a little more of the alcohol as the gummies absorb the booze.

    The booze will dissolve the outside of the gummies, but only to the point that it becomes a saturated solution that simply can not dissolve any more. Once that happens, they will not get sticky or try to become a single mass, but will absorb a surprising amount of the alcohol.

    This process takes a little over a week to do and requires patience and attention to detail.

    Coconut flavored rum is my go-to for bears, vodka for worms, and 151-proof rum for the gummy sharks (yes, those ones have quite a strong bite). And peach ring gummies soaked in peach schnapps are always a crowd pleaser.

    And certainly save the “marinade” as it makes for some quite nice cocktails when mixed with Sprite.

    Properly done, the gummies will triple in volume.

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