Champagne Jello Shots

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Champagne Jello Shots are the best way to celebrate special occasions! Use lemonade, real sparkling wine, vodka and gelatin to create this festive party treat and welcome the new year.

closeup of edible gold and silver stars on jello shots

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2016 update: You guys love this recipe! I’m so happy these jello shots are there for your celebrations! I updated this post with new info, photos and a video to help you make them perfectly every time!

2022 update: I updated this post with new photos again, plus even more tips for making the best-ever champagne jello shots. They are so much fun — I know you are going to love them!

Champagne Jello Shots Recipe

There’s always something worth celebrating and, usually, I’d say you should chill a bottle of champagne.

But sometimes you just want to kick it up a notch! Champagne Jello Shots are the perfect way to celebrate just about anything, whether it’s for New Year’s Eve, birthday parties or engagement parties.

When I first published this recipe back in 2014, I hadn’t made jello shots since college (and even then I didn’t make them a lot) or had one since a bachelorette party.

I can tell you that these are NOT your college-level jello shots — and I write that with the utmost nostalgic fondness.

Once, I helped a friend make hundreds of tiny cups filled with boozy, bright blue jiggly stuff for a party. Back then they were just fun treats for tailgates and house parties, and I can’t say I’ve missed them all that much.

But then I discovered making jello shots with unflavored gelatin. It is really a great way to enjoy the joy of jello shots but with grown-up flavors.

Why you’ll love this recipe

These Champagne Jello Shots have, at the time of (re-)writing, 96 5-star reviews! But if that’s not enough reasons to make you want to try them, then here’s a few reasons I know you’ll love them:

  • Champagne jello shots are easy to make. It’s not hard at all to make jello shots without the colored stuff in a box.
  • Yes, they’re made with real champagne! (Or prosecco, cava or whatever sparkling wine you desire.)
  • These jello shots also contain vodka and fresh lemon juice, but they are customizable to your liking. (See the section called Variations below!)
  • They are perfect for birthdays and holiday parties of all kinds — even bachelorette parties, bridal showers or Oscar parties!

This recipe is most popular on New Year’s Eve — you could even make a few batches of them for a large party to avoid buying cases of champagne!

a champagne cork next to a tray of champagne jello shots


Here’s what to add to your shopping list to make these prosecco jello shots:

Sparkling Lemonade

A sparkling lemonade works well in this recipe for a little bit of extra carbonation, and the lemon flavor goes incredibly well with champagne.

Feel free to substitute sparkling apple cider, ginger beer, lemon-lime soda or club soda.

Don’t have sparkling anything? Regular lemonade works too.


As I always say, use the best you can afford — my go-to advice for anything with drink mixing.

In my Vodka 101 post, I’ll tell you how to pick out a bottle of vodka. My go-to brands right now are Tito’s, Deep Eddy and Absolut.

It’s totally fine to use flavored vodka for this recipe. Lemon vodka or raspberry vodka would both give some extra sweetness and flavor.

Gin can also be used in this recipe, but it will have a more floral, fragrant flavor, like a French 75.

If you fancy something different, make them with bourbon to give them the sweet, oaky flavor of the Seelbach cocktail.

Sparkling wine

These are champagne jello shots, but you don’t have to use champagne, which can get pretty pricy. (That’s because, to be called champagne, it can only come from the Champagne region of France, making it more rare.)

Instead, any kind of sparkling wine, such as cava, spumanti, asti or prosecco, will work. I’d stay away from expensive champagne — a $10-20 bottle should do! And you’ll have some leftover champagne, which is never that bad!

Since sparkling lemonade is sweet and tart, you can get away with a dry sparkling wine. Look for “brut” on the label. My guide to sparkling wine can help you pick out a bottle and get familiar with what the label says.

a box of gelatin and 2 envelopes on a marble background

Unflavored Gelatin

Plain gelatin is great for making all kinds of jello shots that don’t come from a colorful mix.

I buy Knox unflavored gelatin for all of my jello shots. I prefer to buy the packets of gelatin rather than the jar because the packets stay shelf-stable in my pantry until I’m ready to use them.


The recipe below calls for adding gold and silver sprinkles to the bottom of the mold before pouring in the liquid mixture. This is totally optional but the sugar does dissolve and helps to give then give them a bubbly look.

I love to decorate these jello shots with sprinkles or edible glitter. I used a smattering of the following:

However, you can absolutely use your own sprinkles or even something extra fun like pop rocks candy.

Or you could dress them up with holiday-specific colors and sprinkles, like red and green sanding sugar for Christmas or green shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day.

Tip: Make sure you add sprinkles RIGHT before serving because they tend to dissolve into the set gelatin. Otherwise, they will be a melty mess!

jigglers of champagne jello shots on a white background

How to make champagne jello shots

Here are the steps for making this easy-peasy recipe.

  1. Prepare molds. Spray them lightly with cooking spray. Sprinkle the sanding sugars in the bottoms of the molds.
  2. Soften gelatin. Whisk together sparkling cider or lemonade with ½ cup water in a small saucepan. Sprinkle gelatin over top and allow to rest for 5 minutes until gelatin is softened and the liquid’s surface appears slightly wrinkled.
  3. Dissolve the gelatin. Warm the liquid over medium heat for 2 to 3 minutes, stirring until gelatin is completely dissolved. Do not let it boil. Remove from heat.
  4. Add liquor. Whisk in the vodka and champagne.
  5. Fill the molds. Distribute the liquid evenly among the molds. Refrigerate 3 to 4 hours before serving.
  6. Serve. If using a mold (in lieu of cups), dip the bottom of the pan into hot water for 5 seconds. Run a paring knife around the edge of the Jello to loosen them. Flip out the molds onto a wax paper-lined surface (like a cookie sheet). Keep chilled until serving.
  7. Garnish. Sprinkle with gold sprinkles on top of the jello shots just before serving.

Got questions about jello shots? Check out my Jello Shots 101 crash course.

prosecco jello shots on a tray

The best jello shot cups and molds

To make this Champagne Jello Shot recipe, you’ll need to figure out how to serve them.

I poured mine into a 9×9-inch baking dish (lightly spritzed with cooking spray first) and then cut them into squares. You can even use a muffin tin or mini muffin pan to get circle shapes!

But if you prefer jello shot cups? No worries. I have made these in those little cups plenty of times before and they are still so cute!

I like these plastic shot glasses for a party, but these small ones have lids for transporting them.

Or, go green and use a set of glass shot glasses that you can wash and reuse.

Even fancier would be serving Champagne Jello Shots in coupe glasses with spoons!

No matter what mold you use, spray them gently with cooking spray to help them release easier. I like this refillable spray can for cooking spray.

For more ideas, check out my list of the best jello shot cups.

a tray of champagne jello shots

Variations and substitutions

Want to mix things up or offer some options at your shindig?

French 75 Jello Shots: Use gin instead of vodka and lemonade or sparkling lemonade for the non-alcoholic bubbly ingredient.

Pink champagne jello shots: Use blush champagne or sparkling rosé to make this recipe. To keep the pink color bright and not made orange, use clear lemon-lime soda or club soda instead of sparkling lemonade. You could also use something pink like strawberry lemonade, which would make them into strawberry champagne jello shots — perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Mimosa jello shots: Instead of sparkling lemonade, use orange juice to give these a fresh, brunchy vibe like a classic mimosa.

Non-alcoholic jello shots: Alcohol is not a requirement to make these fun treats! Instead of champagne and vodka, simply use more of the sparkling lemonade or something like ginger ale. Or, instead of vodka, you can use a zero-proof spirit. I bet Ritual gin alternative would be fantastic.

champagne jello shots on a white tray

Storage tips

You can make your jello shots up to 4 days in advance of your event. Store them, covered, in the fridge.

Keep your jello shots chilled until ready to serve.

If adding any sprinkles on top, add them just before serving. Otherwise, they tend to dissolve and won’t be pretty.

Jello shot recipes

These classy jello shots are absolutely perfect to serve alongside other bubbly treats like Prosecco Popsicles and Champagne Gummy Bears.

But if you wanted to offer a smattering of jello shot options, check out these jello shot recipes:

a champagne cork next to champagne jello shots

Champagne cocktail recipes

Want the perfect cocktail to serve with your jello shots? I’ve got lots to choose from! These are some of my favorite champagne cocktails:

closeup of edible gold and silver stars on jello shots

Champagne Jello Shots

Yield: 12 jello shots
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 3 hours 20 minutes
Enjoy these sparkly gelatin alcoholic treats for celebrations all year long.
4.58 from 130 votes
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  • 1 cup sparkling cider or sparkling lemonade
  • 2 packets gelatin (½ ounce total)
  • ¾ cup sparkling wine such as spumante, champagne or prosecco
  • ¼ cup vodka or flavored vodka
  • 2 tablespoons sanding sugar see note


  • Prepare molds. (I used plastic shot glass cups, but you can also use cupcake wrappers or mini-muffin tins.) Spray them lightly with cooking spray. Sprinkle the sanding sugars in the bottoms of the molds.
  • Soften gelatin. Whisk together sparkling cider or lemonade with 1/2 cup water in a small saucepan. Sprinkle gelatin over top and allow to rest for 5 minutes until gelatin is softened and the liquid’s surface appears slightly wrinkled.
  • Dissolve the gelatin. Warm the liquid over medium heat for 2 to 3 minutes, stirring until gelatin is completely dissolved. Do not let boil. Remove from heat.
  • Add liquor. Whisk in the vodka and champagne.
  • Fill the molds. Distribute the liquid evenly among the molds. Refrigerate 3 to 4 hours before serving.
  • Serve. If using a mold (in lieu of cups), dip bottom of pan into hot water for 5 seconds. Run a paring knife around the edge of the Jello to loosen. Flip out the molds onto a wax paper-lined surface. Keep chilled until serving. Sprinkle with more sanding sugars before serving.


I tried both lemon vodka and plain vodka in this recipe, and both were excellent.
The sanding sugars are optional, but create a bubbly look for each jell-o shot. Add a pinch to the bottom of each shot glass before adding the gelatin mixture, then add another sprinkle to the top once the shots have hardened, just before serving.


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nutrition information

Yield: 12 jello shots

amount per serving:

Serving: 1jello shot Calories: 40kcal Carbohydrates: 4g Protein: 1g Fat: 0.03g Saturated Fat: 0.01g Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.01g Monounsaturated Fat: 0.002g Sodium: 4mg Potassium: 34mg Fiber: 0.04g Sugar: 4g Vitamin A: 0.2IU Vitamin C: 0.2mg Calcium: 4mg Iron: 0.1mg
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Video by Chris Henry Co. 

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The Golden Ratio Guide:

Mix the perfect cocktail, every time

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  1. Jennay says

    Perfect for New Year’s Eve!! Thanks for sharing! =) I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas and will have a joyous New Year!

    • Susannah says

      Thank you, Jennay! They really are so fun. I hope you had a wonderful holiday as well! Thank you so much for stopping by. 🙂

  2. Shaina Longstreet says

    These look like so much fun to make and have at a party!! And I just can’t get over your photography. Awesome job!!

  3. bel @ Mums Take Five says

    Love the sanding sugars, totally finishes them off nicely. Lovely photos too.Thank you for contributing to The Sunday Brunch Magazine, So great to have you join us, kind regards Eliza & Bel x

  4. Rachel Reed says

    Could these be made kid friendly by substituting more of the sparkling cider for the champagne?

    • Susannah says

      Hey Rachel! Thanks for your comment. That is a really great question! I am so glad you asked. You will need 1 cup of liquid for every envelope of gelatin. (This recipe calls for two.) You can ABSOLUTELY exclude the alcohol! Just be sure to make up the difference with more liquid, which can be anything – sparkling cider, apple juice, cranberry juice, whatever! I hope that helps!

    • Susannah says

      Hey Jennifer! This is a great question. I should clarify, I am using Knox brand gelatin (affiliate link). When I buy it, it comes in packets/pouches of .25 ounces each.

      That is equivalent to 2 1/2 teaspoons or 7g unflavored gelatin, so for this recipe you would need double that (.5 ounces, 5 teaspoons or 14 grams).

      If you are using another brand, I would suggest measuring it out with teaspoons or a food scale. I hope that helps!

    • Susannah says

      Hi Faith! They should be okay at room temperature for a few hours! I haven’t experienced melting myself, but I would guess it would be only in warmer temperatures, or if they sit out a long time. The gelatin should hold, but they can get soft. Then again, my crowd tends to devour them before that happens! I hope that helps!

  5. Sue says

    I am confused. You put sanding sugar in bottom of cup. But if you are serving these in cups as shown in picture then the sugar won’t be seen. You don’t mention when to add sprinkles? After it hardens? Then how will they stick to jello? How about adding sprinkles after an hour of hardening before fully hardened?

    Do you use either sanding sugar or sprinkles ?

    • Susannah says

      Hey Sue! If you put the sanding sugar in the bottom of the cup first, then when you pour the liquid in, it allows the sugar crystals to swirl around and it gives the shots a “bubbly” look. It’s a totally optional step. You can also sprinkle them on top right before serving, if you prefer. I’ve updated the recipe to make this a bit more clear.

      I use a thicker crystal sanding sugar. For the ones pictured here, I used a combination of silver and gold sanding sugars (affiliate link), but you can use any color. Have fun with them! 🙂

      Thanks so much for stopping by to ask this! Hope it helps!

  6. Michelle says

    How far in advance can these be made? Champagne is fine to use instead of sparkling wine? Thanks for sharing this recipe!

    • Susannah says

      Hey Michelle! I would make them up to a day or two in advance for a party. And yes, champagne is a sparkling wine so it is fine to use! Prosecco, cava or anything of that nature is perfect as well. 🙂 Happy new year!

    • Susannah says

      Hi Haley! You can use any kind of sparkling anything, really! I usually use a sparkling cider like Martinelli’s, but any brand of sparkling lemonade will do! I usually can find it in the juice aisle of my grocery store. You can also use Sprite or ginger ale if you can’t find the others. What you’re looking for here is the bubbles and a hint of flavor and sweetness. Hope this helps!

    • Susannah says

      Hey Elizabeth! I would make sure to keep stirring until everything has dissolved, but a few bubbles are definitely okay. It’s not unusual to see the bubbles in the cups when you pour the mixture in, and most of the bubbles will pop when the shots set up. Any remaining bubbles will just make them look a bit more like champagne! Hope this helps.

  7. julia Anderson says

    I’ll be making these in a couple weeks for my engagement party! I’ll be using edible gold leaves instead of the sugar! Thank you so much for the recipe!

    • Susannah says

      Oh that’s so wonderful, Julie! I LOVE the idea to use edible gold leaf on them — so festive! Congrats on your engagement and enjoy!

    • Susannah says

      Hey Destiny! I don’t think they’re super strong and I am sensitive to that. You can always skip the vodka or use a little less if you are worried. Just make sure to make up the volume with more sparkling lemonade so they set properly.

  8. thegiftsports says

    I’m thinking why I didn’t read your ideas earlier. I will try your recipe on our wedding anniversary next year.

  9. Angelica says

    I swapped the lemon for lime and the vodka for tequila… We are having champagne tequila Jell-O shots 🙂

  10. Kerry says

    How far in advance can you make these? Do they need to made on the day or can they a day or two in ahead and just keep them in fridge? Thanks very much!

    • Susannah says

      Hey Kerry, You can make them in advance, absolutely. They will keep for a couple of days. I would make sure to store them in a covered container. Hope you enjoy them!

    • Susannah says

      Hey Anica! More champagne will make them more boozy and they may not set as well, but if you prefer a jigglier jello shot then go for it! Let me know if you try it!

  11. Amanda says

    I am going to make these with pear grey goose, champs, and sparkling lemonade. Is it okay to make them in the morning for a nye party that night?

    • Susannah says

      Hey Amanda! Yes, absolutely fine! Just stash them in the fridge. They will be great, and I love the flavors you picked out!

  12. Abbi Carrier says

    Hi! Would this recipe be exactly the same measurements if multiplying by 4 to make a batch of 48? Would anything need to be changed?

    • Susannah says

      Hey Abbi! Yep, you can multiply it! I will admit I’ve never tried making that many at once, but I would probably do two doubled batches so that the mixture doesn’t begin to set while I’m pouring the cups. Let me know if you try it!

  13. Tay says

    I used pink lemonade vodka and rose sparkling cider so these’ll be pink champagne jello shots! Very excited to see how they turn out!

  14. Sue Ringsdorf says

    Heck yes! These shots were fun and a major hit at our weekend party! Thank you so much for sharing your recipe. 🙂

  15. Debi says

    5 stars
    These were great. I used sparkling cider so that everyone could enjoy them. So wiggly and so fun. And the star are a great touch. I have some and used them.

  16. Lynn Spencer says

    Our guests absolutely loved these at our New Year’s Eve festivities. Looking forward to making them again this year.

  17. Kathleen says

    These were so fun to make (and eat!) Slurp! Had a friend who had a huge promotion and thought it would be fun to bring to a little celebration – huge hit!

  18. Tristin says

    These were too pretty not to make. Brought them to a get together and they were quite popular. A new favorite jello shot recipe!

  19. Heather says

    1 star
    I followed this recipe perfectly and these shots were disgusting. I think some bad after taste from the champagne. I used a spumante, which I love you drink, but this was not tasty. Just make regular shots with a flavored gelatin.

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