Guide to Spirits

Spirits are the lifeblood of every cocktail. In other words, they're the alcoholic element. There are hundreds of types out there. Don't believe me? Just step into a liquor store and look around. Check out these guides to the top spirits you'll come across so you know what to get before you buy.

  • Gin Guide: Learn how to use this herbal spirit in refreshing cocktails.
  • Tequila Guide: This star of margaritas has a lot of complexity.
  • Whiskey Guide: From bourbon to rye to scotch, there's a lot to know about whiskey.
  • Rum Guide: This spirit made from sugar can is key to lots of summery cocktails.
  • Champagne Guide: Know your bubbly! Learn what all the types are before you buy.
  • Vodka Guide: There's more than meets to eye to vodka, so give this guide a read.
  • Vermouth Guide: If you don't know the difference between dry and sweet, you'll want to read this one.
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The Golden Ratio Guide:

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