Watermelon Lemonade

Add some fresh new flavors to your summer barbecues with this incredible watermelon lemonade. It’s the most refreshing summer drink and is super easy to make!

A tall glass of watermelon lemonade with ice, garnished with a lemon slice, mint leaves, and a watermelon wedge. A pitcher of the drink and a cutting board with watermelon pieces are in the background.

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About this Watermelon Lemonade recipe

I am all for as many yummy lemonade recipes as I can squeeze in during the summer — pun intended. This fresh watermelon lemonade has quickly become one of my favorite. It’s jockeying for first place with my strawberry lemonade recipe!

This refreshing beverage is perfect for all of your picnics, cookouts and barbecues. And it’s especially refreshing at a pool party or sipping on the beach. With watermelon and lemon, it’s actually very hydrating too.

When watermelon is in season, I can almost make this lemonade without even adding sugar. The sweetness of a ripe watermelon is unmatched, and man does it make this recipe tasty.

There’s so many fun drinks to make with watermelon. From watermelon agua fresca to watermelon mimosas, I just can’t get enough of this juicy fruit! Whip up a batch of watermelon lemonade and sip on it to cool off on a hot day.

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A tall glass of pink lemonade with lemon slices, a watermelon wedge, mint leaves, and a bamboo straw. Another similar drink is blurred in the background.

Why you’ll love this recipe

It doesn’t take long to mix up this yummy lemonade with simple ingredients. You’re going to love it:

  • Easily make this beverage ahead of time and store in the fridge until you need it. A great way to save prep time later on.
  • You can double or triple this recipe to serve a party of any size. This is a wonderful party recipe!
  • Make this extra healthy by using a natural sweetener instead of sugar. With the loads of fruit in this recipe, it’s far better option than soda and sugary drinks.

Tools and Glassware

For your own watermelon lemonade, you’ll need a few things:

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Two glasses of iced watermelon juice garnished with watermelon slices and fresh mint leaves. A cutting board with watermelon wedges is in the background, along with mint leaves and lemon slices.


This recipe is based on my homemade lemonade, but with the addition of juicy watermelon. Get some large lemons so that you can get plenty of lemon juice! You only need four ingredients, that’s about as easy as it gets:

  • watermelon juice: You can either blend up some seedless watermelon to juice your own watermelon juice, or you can just buy some bottled at the grocery store. It can be a bit difficult to find pre-made, so making your own and could be the best option! (The juice brand Simply has watermelon juice now though!)
  • water: For the best flavor, use filtered water so that there’s nothing funky tasting in your lemonade.
  • sugar: Make a simple syrup from sugar to sweeten this watermelon lemonade recipe. You can also choose a sugar-free sweetener or use something natural, like honey.
  • lemon juice: Squeeze fresh lemon juice for the best flavor. Bottled will work but it won’t have as pure of a flavor.


Garnish each glass of watermelon lemonade with fun things like candied lemon slices or dehydrated lemon slices.

You can even do a sugar rim with margarita sugar. Fancy ice cubes like berry ice cubes and flower ice cubes would be great.

Watermelon cubes and small watermelon slices and fresh mint leaves would be a perfect, simple garnish too. Or use a melon baller to make little melon spheres to float on top of the drink.

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A tall glass of pink lemonade with ice cubes, lemon slices, a watermelon wedge, and a mint sprig on top. Another similar glass and lemon slices are in the background.

Substitutions & variations

Watermelon lemonade cocktail: Turn this drink into a delicious cocktail by adding some tequila, vodka or any other liquor you want. Use the amounts from this vodka lemonade cocktail recipe.

Watermelon mint lemonade: Make a watermelon mint lemonade by adding fresh mint to this drink or using some mint simple syrup to help sweeten the mixture.

Basil watermelon lemonade: Other herbs would be tasty in this drink too. Add them fresh or use something like basil simple syrup to your lemonade. Thyme or lavender would be nice too.

Fruity lemonade: Add strawberries or blueberries to make a berry delicious version, similar to this blueberry lemonade.


Follow these simple step by step instructions to make delicious watermelon lemonade:

A blender filled with cubed pieces of watermelon.
A blender with a black lid and a clear container filled with a red liquid, partially blended. Measurement markings are visible on the side of the container.

Slice fresh watermelon into cubes and then place them in a blender. Pulse until smooth.

A red liquid is being poured through a fine mesh strainer into a Pyrex measuring cup.
A person uses a turquoise spatula to press a pink liquid through a metal strainer into a Pyrex measuring cup on a white surface.

Pour through a fine mesh strainer. Use a silicone spatula to push the puree through the mesh and repeat if needed.

A blue spatula stirs sugar and water together in a saucepan.
A spatula rests in clear liquid in a saucepan.

Then make a simple syrup on the stovetop with water and sugar. Heat the water and sugar together in a saucepan until the sugar dissolves. Allow to cool slightly before using.

Red liquid is being poured from one glass measuring cup into another, both labeled with measurements.
A hand pours a clear liquid from a small glass container into a large Pyrex measuring cup containing a red liquid.
Hand pouring a yellow liquid from a measuring cup into a larger measuring cup containing a red liquid.
A hand stirring a pink liquid in a clear Pyrex measuring cup with a wooden spoon.

Combine the lemon juice, simple syrup and watermelon juice in large pitcher or bowl, then add the remaining cold water. Stir well to combine.

Refrigerate the beverage until you’re ready to drink it. The flavors do meld together better after about an hour or so in the fridge.

A hand stirs a pink drink with ice and lemon slices in a tall glass. In the background, there is another similar drink and a plate of watermelon slices on a white surface.

Tips & tricks

These simple tips and tricks will help ensure that your watermelon lemonade turns out absolutely perfect:

  • Be sure to use room-temperature citrus. Refrigerated lemons will not juice as well as ones that have been warmed up.
  • For 2 cups of juice you’ll need about 1 pound of cubed watermelon. Make sure you grab a large enough watermelon!
  • Sweeten the lemonade to taste. Add the syrup that this recipe calls for and then add a little bit extra as desired.
  • If the lemonade settles after some time in the fridge, simply shake it up or stir it before serving it. Settling is natural.
Two tall glasses of red-colored beverages garnished with lemon slices, cucumber, and mint leaves. The drinks have ice cubes and straws, with cucumber slices and mint leaves in the background.

Food Pairings

Serve watermelon lemonade with tasty favorites like chips and guacamole. It would be so good with pineapple salsa or peach salsa too! A summer salad like watermelon blue cheese salad is a great pairing with this drink.

Pair it with summer picnic favorites like creamy pimento cheese, a bowl of colorful mint mozzarella melon salad and hearty hamburgers.

It’s the perfect sipping beverage with appetizers and snacks too. From queso to fried pickles and air fryer chicken wings, lemonade goes with everything!


Is watermelon lemonade good for you?

Since there are tons of different vitamins and minerals in watermelon and lemonade, this is actually pretty good for you! There is a higher sugar content, some sugars from the fruit and more from the simple syrup. However, you could say it is better for you than many processed beverages. For less sugar, simply cut down or omit the simple syrup used.

Can I make watermelon lemonade bubbly?

Feel free to add some lemon lime soda, club soda or sparkling water to make this a bubbly lemonade. You can also use champagne or prosecco!

Two tall glasses of watermelon lemonade with ice, garnished with mint, next to a wooden board with watermelon slices and a carafe of watermelon lemonade.

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A tall glass of watermelon lemonade with ice, garnished with a lemon slice, mint leaves, and a watermelon wedge. A pitcher of the drink and a cutting board with watermelon pieces are in the background.

Watermelon Lemonade

Yield: 10 servings
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
This watermelon lemonade recipe is a summer must-have! You're going to love the refreshing flavors on a hot summer day.
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  • 2 cups watermelon juice from about 1 pound fresh watermelon
  • 5 cups water divided
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 ½ cups lemon juice from about 10 lemons


  • If using fresh watermelon, slice it into cubes and place them in a blender. Pulse until smooth. Strain out the solids with a fine-mesh strainer. Use a spatula to push the liquid through the mesh. Repeat the straining process to remove even more sediment.
  • Then, make a simple syrup on the stove with which to sweeten the lemonade. Heat 1 cup water and sugar on the stove over medium heat. Stir until sugar dissolves, then remove from heat and let cool slightly.
  • Combine the lemon juice, simple syrup and watermelon juice in a pitcher. Top with remaining 5 cups cold water. Refrigerate until ready to drink.


I juiced a 2 pound watermelon: It made 4 cups of juice. 
  • Use the juice from fresh lemons. When making lemonade, where lemon juice is the star, it makes a big difference in flavor.
  • Be sure to use room-temperature citrus. Refrigerated lemons will not juice as well as ones that have been warmed up.You can microwave them briefly for about 10 seconds to get a to warm them up or just leave them out for an hour or two before you plan to juice them.
  • Sweeten it to taste, add a little bit of syrup and add more as desired. 
  • Settling is normal. Stir or shake the lemonade up if you notice some watermelon pulp has sunk to the bottom. 

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nutrition information

Yield: 10 servings

amount per serving:

Serving: 8ounces Calories: 117kcal Carbohydrates: 32g Protein: 1g Fat: 0.4g Saturated Fat: 0.05g Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.1g Monounsaturated Fat: 0.02g Sodium: 9mg Potassium: 183mg Fiber: 3g Sugar: 25g Vitamin A: 197IU Vitamin C: 60mg Calcium: 34mg Iron: 1mg
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