How to Make Infused Vodka

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Follow this easy guide to learn how to make infused vodka at home. Vodka infusions are great DIY gifts or a base for your favorite cocktails.

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Why infuse vodka

Are you ready to get creative in the kitchen and go beyond basic vodka? Infusing vodka is a fun and easy way to customize your liquor and cocktails. All you need is vodka, your imagination and some spare jars.

Once you get creative, there is no end in sight to the customization possibilities. Blueberries and lemon vodka make a refreshing summer sipper, and vanilla and cardamom is perfect for cozy winter nights. Chile vodka with honey is sure to spice things up, too.

a hand pouring vodka into a jar filled with sliced hatch chiles

Yet, not every idea will be a winner. Some less successful mixes can fare better as an all-purpose cleaner. But for those looking to experiment, that’s part of the fun. With a little trial and error, you’ll be a pro at infusing vodka.

Plus, you’ll have unique homemade gifts that show off your culinary creativity. You can even give DIY cocktail infusion kits as a gift — all the recipient has to do is add booze.

Get your apothecary on and fill your cabinets with colorful concoctions like a mad scientist. Steep all sorts of fruits, herbs and spices to see what crazy flavors you can come up with. The best part is you can taste your experiments while creating them.

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What are vodka infusions?

Vodka infusions are created by taking vodka and infusing it with various ingredients such as fruits, spices, herbs and even vegetables. The infusion process involves placing the ingredients and vodka in a container for an extended period to allow the flavors to blend and create a unique taste.

Vodka infusions are a popular way to add a new twist to traditional vodka cocktails and can be customized to suit any flavor preference. This technique can also be adapted to other bases, like in rum cocktails with homemade spiced rum, to change up the spirit of the drink.

Infused vodka is one of the best gifts to share with friends. You can use whole spices like cinnamon, fresh herbs, tea or whatever you have on hand to make delicious combinations. Citrus peels are one of the most flavorful ingredients — try them in homemade limoncello.

A lemon slice twisted on a skewer is placed onto a lemon cocktail.

Why infuse vodka?

Rather than asking why to infuse vodka, you should ask yourself why to settle for plain old vodka when you can transform it into a flavor-packed elixir.

Whether you’re a cocktail connoisseur or a budding mixologist, infusing vodka at home is a delightful journey that will leave you with a bottle of liquid gold that rivals the finest spirits on the market.

Say goodbye to the mundane and embrace the extraordinary as you explore tantalizing flavors and endless possibilities. From zesty citrus bursts to seductive vanilla undertones, the choice of flavor is yours and you can take your sipping experience to new heights with homemade infused vodka.

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What to infuse vodka with

Infusing vodka is a great way to experiment with different flavors and create unique cocktails. Any herbs, spices, fruits, and even vegetables can make for good vodka infusion flavors.

Some popular options to infuse vodka with are cucumber, watermelon, jalapeño, rosemary, caramel and cranberry. These ingredients can add flavor to your vodka and enhance the overall drink.

You can even have fun with sweets, like marshmallows, candy corn or peppermints. You can also add food coloring like we do with black vodka.

But you shouldn’t stick to only one ingredient. Combining different flavors can also result in an interesting flavor combination that can be used to make a tasty cocktail. For example, homemade coffee liqueur is made by adding a sweetener to a coffee-infused vodka.

For a refreshing summer drink, try infusing vodka with watermelon and rosemary. For a spicy kick, jalapeño-infused vodka is a great option. There’s really no limit to the tasty concoctions you can create by infusing vodka with your favorite ingredients.

Lemon peels steeping in a jar with vodka.
a bottle of limoncello surrounded by lemons.

How to make a vodka infusion

If you want to make a delicious vodka infusion, it’s quite simple.

  1. First, choose the ingredients you want, such as fresh fruit, spices or herbs and chop them into small pieces. You can use our recommended ingredients or come up with your own.
  2. Then, fill a clean mason jar or an empty vodka bottle with your chosen vodka and the ingredients, following the rule of thumb of using about 1 cup of ingredients per liter of vodka.
  3. Seal the jar tightly and place it in a dark place, like a pantry or cupboard, for at least 3 days to infuse, but preferably let it infuse for 2 to 3 weeks. A spicy vodka infusion doesn’t need more than 3 to 5 days, as it gets spicier the longer it sits. But with a delicate infusion, even a month would do well.
  4. Once the time is up, open the jar and strain the mixture through a fine mesh strainer to remove any chunks or solids. Discard the leftover ingredients and enjoy your homemade vodka infusion. After straining, store the infused vodka in a clean bottle or jar.
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Tips & tricks

To mix up flavors, try different combinations of ingredients and experiment with longer or shorter infusion times until you find your perfect blend.

Remember, the longer you infuse vodka, the stronger the flavor. So, if you want a milder flavor, skip the long infusion time and create a quick, light, refreshing vodka infusion that is perfect for summer.

Be sure to store them in a cool, dark place for the best infusion. Check them regularly and give them smell and taste tests so you know when the infusion is ready.

Pouring vodka into a jar of caramel syrup.

How to serve infused vodka

Infused vodka is a versatile and tasty beverage that is enjoyed by many people. Here are some ideas on how to serve infused vodka:

  • Mix with soda: Pour a shot or two of your favorite infused vodka into a glass of soda water or tonic water for a refreshing and low-calorie drink, known as the vodka soda.
  • Make a martini: Mix infused vodka with a small amount of vermouth and serve in a chilled martini glass for a classic martini cocktail.
  • Enjoy it straight up: Sip your favorite infused vodka neat at room temperature to fully appreciate its unique flavors and aromas.
  • Make a cocktail: Infused vodka can be used as a base for craft cocktails, such as cosmos, screwdrivers and bloody Marys. Experiment with different mixers and garnishes to create your signature drinks.
  • Cook with it: Infused vodka can also be used in cooking and baking, adding flavor to pasta sauces, cakes and desserts.
A glass of red drink with ice and fruit.

Other flavor combinations

Flavor combinations are endless, and there are plenty of exciting and unique flavor pairings to explore beyond the typical ones. Here are some other favorites:

  • Vanilla beans and vodka make vanilla vodka, a delicious and smooth flavor combination perfect for cocktails.
  • Apricot and thyme are sweet and herbaceous together.
  • Strawberry and pepper are sweet and spicy, making them an interesting pairing for those who enjoy a bit of heat in their drinks. Strawberries and oregano blossoms are also lovely.
  • Berry-infused vodka with any type of berries is so flavorful. Blueberries are a favorite, but blackberries also make a beautiful infusion. Try combining blueberries and lemon.
  • Fresh pineapple and coconut vodka yields a tropical delight perfect for tiki drinks.
  • Fresh herbs like rosemary or lavender create an herbal sensation.

The possibilities are endless regarding flavor combinations, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new. Who knows, you might just discover your new favorite drink! 

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Homemade Infused Vodka

Yield: 16
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 3 days 30 minutes
Add a flavorful twist to your cocktail game with homemade infused vodka. Blend premium spirits with vibrant fruits, herbs and spices to create an irresistible infusion that elevates any vodka drink.
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  • 1 cup flavorings see notes
  • 1 liter vodka


  • Select your ingredients, such as fresh fruit, spices or herbs. Chop larger ingredients into small pieces that will fit in your jar or bottle.
  • Fill a clean jar or an empty vodka bottle with the ingredients, then top with your chosen vodka.
  • Seal the jar tightly and place it in a dark place, like a pantry or cupboard, for at least 3 days to infuse, but preferably let it infuse for 2 to 3 weeks. A spicy vodka infusion doesn’t need more than 3 to 5 days, as it gets spicier the longer it sits. But with a delicate infusion, even a month would do well. Taste frequently until your desired flavor is reached.
  • Once the time is up, open the jar and strain the mixture through a fine mesh strainer to remove any chunks or solids. Discard the leftover ingredients. After straining, store the infused vodka in a clean bottle or jar.


Flavoring ideas:

  • Spices such as cinnamon sticks, cloves, cardamom, black pepper or vanilla beans
  • Fruits such as apricot, strawberries, lemon, lime, orange, pineapple, coconut, grapefruit, peach or watermelon
  • Herbs such as mint, rosemary, thyme or basil
  • Flowers such as hibiscus, rose petals, lavender 
  • Vegetables such as peppers or cucumbers
  • Tea such as chai, Earl Grey, rooibos or black tea 
  • Coffee beans 
  • Candy such as marshmallows, candy corn or peppermints 

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nutrition information

Yield: 16

amount per serving:

Serving: 2ounces Calories: 155kcal Carbohydrates: 2g Protein: 0.1g Fat: 0.01g Saturated Fat: 0.001g Sodium: 1mg Potassium: 14mg Fiber: 0.2g Sugar: 2g Vitamin A: 45IU Vitamin C: 0.3mg Calcium: 1mg Iron: 0.1mg
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