The Best Margarita Recipes

Margaritas make everything better, especially Taco Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo and regular Tuesdays. These are the best margarita recipes to make the next time you’re craving one!

the best margarita recipes - strawberry basil margaritas

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Sugar or salt? Frozen or on the rocks?

Sour mix or fresh lime juice? Bottom shelf or top shelf? Classic or flavored?

These are all the ways we can customize margaritas. The results are endless!

That’s evident in this list of best margarita recipes I put together for you.

The margarita may not be the most popular drink in Mexico (that would be the paloma) but it is a stalwart element of any Taco Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo celebration or girls’ night menu.

What’s amazing about a margarita is that there’s something for everyone. It’s an incredibly customizable cocktail.

the best margarita recipes -- jalapeno blackberry margaritas

How to customize a margarita

Here are a few ways you can customize a margarita to make the best margarita ever:

Rim: Choose from the classic salt or sugar, or make it fancy with an infused salt or infused sugar. If you go the salt route, I like this cocktail salt.

Tequila: I always recommend choosing the best liquor you can afford, but a bottle in the mid-range will be a good choice. I prefer silver, reposado or añejo — here’s a guide to picking the right tequila for you. You can even opt for mezcal for a smokier flavor. You can even infuse your tequila (like this spicy jalapeño tequila

Triple sec: Triple sec is what provides the orange-flavored undertone. More top-shelf brands like Cointreau or Grand Marnier are sure to make your margarita taste more complex than regular triple sec.

Flavor: Lime is the classic option here — preferably with fresh lime juice but sour mix works too. You can also add in any number of flavors, through fruits and juices. Don’t miss the list below for some ideas!

Sweetener: I like to use agave nectar — tequila also comes from the agave plant, so it’s a natural match-up. But a plain or flavored simple syrup also works well in a margarita.

Garnish: A lime wedge is classic, but feel free to mix it up. Use a strawberry on a strawberry marg or a slice of pineapple on a pineapple version. A sprig of herbs works too!

The Best Margarita Recipes

From classic lime margaritas to flavored sippers to fun ideas like sangria and granita, there's a recipe here for you to help you take your next taco night to the next level.

And don't forget to whip up some salsa, guacamole or margarita cupcakes to go with your margs!

Cheers to the best margarita recipes ever! Which one will you make? //susannah

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