The Best Jello Shot Cups

There are so many types of jello shot cups! And technically, you don’t even need cups to make jello shots. Here are the top 10 ways to make jello shots!

stacks of jello shots with lids

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We can all agree: Jello shots are still fun after college.

I have a massive Jello Shot FAQ that answers all of your questions, but one I commonly get asked is what cups are the best cups?

The answer depends on a few things:

  • How many do you need to make?
  • What is the storage like in your fridge? (AKA, do you need stacking options?)
  • What’s the occasion?
  • What’s the flavor? (Here are some jello shot recipes if you need ideas.)

How to eat jello shots

The most common way to eat jello shots is to insert your finger along the inside edge of the container and trace the edge of the cup to loosen the gelatin. (If you grease the cups lightly beforehand, this will be easier.)

Then toss the shot back and suck it out. It’s not very glamorous, is it?! Must be why college kids like them so much!

Feel free to use a butter knife or spoon to scoop out the jello if you prefer. There are no rules when it comes to eating jello shots!

How to make jello shots come out easier

Too-sticky jello shots are no good! You can use the greasing trick to help them come out better.

Simply spritz cooking spray around the interior of your jello shot containers, and use a paper towel to spread it around so that all that’s left is a light coating.

To eat, use your finger to scoop out the jello shot and it should release from the cup much easier.

jigglers of champagne jello shots on a white background

Can you make jello shots without cups?

Yes, you can! You definitely don’t need fancy cups to make jello shots! Jello shots can be made in a baking dish and cut into pieces, in a similar fashion to jello jigglers.

You can pour the liquid into a lightly-greased baking dish, then cut them into squares or shapes with cookie cutters. You can make a greater number this way, so I love it for my champagne jello shots especially.

Another idea is to use a muffin tin or flexible ice cube tray.

Where to get cups for jello shots

You may be able to find cups for jello shots at your grocery store or a big-box store such as Target or Wal-Mart. Look in the aisle with paper and plastic goods.

Another place to try is a party-supply store like Party City. Look in the aisles with the party tableware.

You are most likely to find plastic shot glasses or condiment cups with lids at these stores; however, if you have time to shop online stores, there are lots more choices for all kinds of occasions.

Stay away from paper cups (like Dixie cups), however, as they have a waxy interior that is just kind of gross, especially since you are adding jello made with boiling water that might melt it into your shots!

Stick to plastic, or for environmentally-friendly options, stick to a reusable mold.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Best for transport
These ones have lids, so they are great for stacking in the fridge, and they won’t dent each other if they shift around during transport. Take these to tailgates or a party at a friend’s house.
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Best for mini cocktails
Since these plastic cups have a harder shell, they are great for shots that look like mini cocktails. I use them on these paloma jello shots which have a salted rim.
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Fancier jello shots
Who wouldn't love a little gold rim on their jello shot? These cups would be perfect for a snazzier occasion, such as an engagement party or housewarming.
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Fanciest jello shots
These little plastic goblets are so fun and upscale! They would be great for margarita jello shots with a salted rim.
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Easiest to enjoy
This ez-squeeze cup design lives up to its name. They have an “easy squeeze” design to make them easy to get out. Great for first timers or an older audience!
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Best for wedding celebrations
Planning an engagement celebration, evening wedding shower or bachelorette party? Then these cute wedding ring molds would be adorable.
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Best for a glow-in-the-dark party
Planning on getting out the glow sticks? Some brightly colored cups would definitely be fun to play with under a black light.
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Best for jello shot jigglers #1
When I make jello shots without cups, AKA jello shot jigglers, I like to use a baking pan like this one. I find most people have a dish like this (for brownies perhaps?) so it works really well.
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Best for jello shot jigglers #2
Another idea for jello shot jigglers is a jelly roll pan. It will be a bit easier to slice and remove the squares from this type of pan.
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Best for Halloween
Jello shot syringes are so creepy for a Halloween party. You can fill them with jello and guests can spray them right into their mouths. Gross, right? (But kinda fun, too!)
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