Cinnamon Simple Syrup

Cinnamon simple syrup is an autumnal sweetener for cocktails and coffee drinks. Sweet and spiced, this easy recipe is key to so many fall drink recipes.

a jar of cinnamon simple syrup next to cinnamon sticks on a wooden coaster

Cinnamon simple syrup recipe

Sugar, spice and everything nice; that’s what cinnamon simple syrup is made of. And what better way to start and end the day with something so sweet and lovely?

That’s where this cozy cinnamon simple syrup comes in. I love to stir it into my morning coffee for a sweetly spiced start to the day, then mix it into a nightcap or mug of hot chocolate.

If you’re a cinnamon lover, knowing how to make cinnamon syrup will be game-changing in many cocktails, coffee drinks, and more. It adds warmth and extra flavor.

Bonus: It makes a great holiday gift for the cocktail lover in your life.

What is simple syrup?

Simple syrup is the easiest way to sweeten drinks. If you’ve ever struggled to stir pure sugar into a cold drink, then you’ll know how frustrating it is to get it to dissolve.

Simple syrup takes away that stress and mixes sugar and water together into a sweet substance that you can mix into cold drinks with ease. It’s vital in cocktails, from the old-fashioned to the margarita.

It’s also great for warm drinks like lattes and cappuccinos because it doesn’t take as much stirring to blend into the drink.

top view of a jar of cinnamon simple syrup on a white background with a gold jigger and cinnamon stcks

Cinnamon simple syrup recipe

You can use simple syrup as a vessel to insert flavor as well as sweetness. Cinnamon simple syrup infuses whole sticks of cinnamon for an added taste of fall.

From coffee to cocktails, cinnamon syrup is a good addition to your arsenal when preparing fall drinks. You can also drizzle it over waffles, pancakes or French toast, or stir it into oatmeal and yogurt. addition to your arsenal


To make your own cinnamon simple syrup, you’ll need just three ingredients. I always say to buy the best ingredients you can afford because quality is key when you are dealing with a short ingredient list.


I use cane sugar or granulated white sugar, but you can use brown sugar if you like. It will give the syrup a much darker, caramel color. See this brown sugar syrup.

You can also use maple syrup or honey — just follow my instructions for honey simple syrup and then come back when you remove from heat for the cinnamon infusion. A cinnamon maple simple syrup is what I use in this maple leaf cocktail. So good for the holidays!


Tap water works just fine, but if you happen to have access to filtered water or bottled water, I recommend using that for an even purer taste. It also helps your syrups last longer.

At our house, we use this Soma water pitcher because it is faster (and tastes better) than the water that comes from the fridge.

Cinnamon sticks

Cinnamon sticks are the whole spices that ground cinnamon is made from. But did you know there are different types of cinnamon? According to Bon Appetit, there are two main types of cinnamon:

  • Cassia cinnamon: Indonesian, Chinese and Saigon are all types of cassia cinnamon, with Saigon being the most common type. Its spice is strong, potent and works really well in baked goods and drinks.
  • Ceylon cinnamon: Ceylon is milder and sweeter, with a more delicate flavor profile and subtle citrus undertones. These cinnamon sticks are rolled of thinner bark. They work well in this syrup to level up your cocktails with a familiar yet new flavor.

Whatever you choose, spices do go bad and will lose flavor over time, so it’s a good idea to replenish your stock from time to time. Whenever I can, I use high-quality spices for the best-tasting results.

cinnamon sticks in a jar of cinnamon simple syrup on a wooden coaster

How to make cinnamon simple syrup

Cinnamon simple syrup can be made in a few simple steps:

  1. Measure equal parts sugar and water. (I use 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar.)
  2. Add them to a small saucepan over medium heat.
  3. Stir them together until the sugar has completely dissolved. .
  4. Remove from heat and let cool a bit before using.
  5. Add cinnamon sticks.
  6. Let them infuse with the syrup for 15 minutes, or until the syrup has the cinnamon flavor you love.
  7. Let it cool down fully, then pour it into an airtight container such as a mason jar. Store it in the fridge or use it in your cocktails and coffee immediately!

Step-by-step instructions

Here’s a quick look at how to make cinnamon simple syrup in pictures:

pouring water into a saucepan to make cinnamon simple syrup

First add water to a saucepan.

Then stir in the sugar. You will want to use as much sugar as you use water — a 1:1 ratio.

a black measuring cup pouring sugar into a pot of water on the stove

Stir them together until the sugar dissolves. Try not to let it boil. It’s not a huge deal if it does, but when it boils you will lose water, which will make a thicker syrup, and less of it.

You can also make simple syrup in a blender, but in this case we need the cinnamon sticks to infuse, which will happen faster with heat. Speaking of which…

two cinnamon sticks infusing in cinnamon simple syrup in a saucepan on the stove

Remove the mixture from the heat and add the cinnamon sticks to your saucepan. Let it infuse for about 15 minutes.

Cinnamon simple syrup with ground cinnamon

Feel free to make simple syrup with ground cinnamon. It’s a similar process to my pumpkin spice syrup, which also uses ground spices.

Sprinkle in one tablespoon of ground cinnamon and stir it up well. Let it infuse just the way the recipe calls for. Then you’ll want to strain out the granules of cinnamon. It will be slightly darker in color, but that should be just fine.

I prefer the cinnamon stick version because the final product is more clear in color, and has the potential to be less gritty and grainy, but if you strain your syrup well you shouldn’t have a problem. It will still taste great!

top view of a jar of simple syrup on a wooden coaster next to cinnamon sticks on a white background

Cinnamon simple syrup cocktails

You can use this syrup in all kinds of cocktails or as a syrup for coffee drinks.

Try it in a cinnamon latte — add a splash of ½ teaspoon pure vanilla extract to make it taste like a cinnamon roll! You can also stir it into your morning hot coffee or an ice-cold cup of cold brew.

This cinnamon White Russian is a delightful after-dinner sipper. It even gets a cinnamon sugar rim!

Mix it with bourbon for a cinnamon old-fashioned cocktail or a cinnamon whiskey sour. Or double the dose of cinnamon with cinnamon whiskey!

Cinnamon dolce syrup

You might already know this syrup from Starbucks’ famous cinnamon dolce latte, but you can use this simple syrup to make one of those lattes right at home!

Starbucks’ cinnamon dolce syrup has a hint of vanilla, so stir in 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract per cup of syrup.

Then stir in a half an ounce at a time until you reach your desired sweetness.

Would love to know what you think of this easy fall syrup for cocktails!

a jar of cinnamon simple syrup next to cinnamon sticks on a wooden coaster

Cinnamon Simple Syrup

Yield: 8 ounces
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Cinnamon simple syrup is an easy-to-make sweetener for cocktails and coffee drinks.
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  • ¾ cup sugar
  • ¾ cup water
  • 2 sticks cinnamon


  • In a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine sugar and water. Stir until sugar has dissolved. Do not let boil.
  • Remove from heat and add the cinnamon sticks. Let rest for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Leave in longer for a stronger flavor.
  • Store in a mason jar for up to one week. Leave the cinnamon sticks in the jar for a stronger flavor, or discard them.

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nutrition information

Yield: 8 ounces

amount per serving:

Serving: 1ounce Calories: 74kcal Carbohydrates: 19g Protein: 0.04g Fat: 0.1g Saturated Fat: 0.003g Monounsaturated Fat: 0.003g Sodium: 1mg Potassium: 4mg Fiber: 0.5g Sugar: 19g Vitamin A: 3IU Vitamin C: 0.03mg Calcium: 10mg Iron: 0.1mg
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  1. Morningstar says

    I love this. I use brown sugar. I add it to my coffee. I also added it to my egg mixture for French toast. So much better than the ground. Every bite had flavor. Yum! I’ve been storing it in the refrigerator. I couldn’t find in the instructions if you needed to or not. Lol. Do you recommend fridge or counter?

    • Susannah says

      Hi Morningstar! (I deleted your last name per your request!) I am so glad you love it and I love that you use brown sugar and that you pour it on French toast. It’s so good!

      I’ve been meaning to update this recipe so thank you for letting me know it needed some storage tips! Simple syrups will keep in the fridge for up to 1 month. You can store it at room temp, but it will go bad faster so it’s better to keep it in the fridge. If it ever looks cloudy, it’s time to toss it!

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