Seasonal twists on a classic

Old-Fashioned Cocktails for Fall

Old-Fashioned cocktails are a staple on cocktail menus and bar carts, but sometimes they can use an update. Here are some new flavor combinations for fall  that are tasty year-round, give them a try!

let’s get started!

Classic Old-Fashioned


I think I've perfected this recipe over the years and this spirit-forward sipper is delicious!

S'mores Old-Fashioned


The flavors of your childhood  create a cozy cocktail perfect for fall. Don't forget the marshmallow!

Maple Old-Fashioned


Real maple syrup adds a delightfully sweet flavor. With spiced bitters this cocktail tastes like autumn in a glass.

Chocolate Old-Fashioned


Chocolate lovers will adore this drink featuring their favorite treat plus plenty of orange.

Smoked Old-Fashioned


Strong whiskey lends itself well to the flavor of smoke, an extra layer of complexity for an already flavorful cocktail.

PB Old-Fashioned


Made with peanut butter whiskey and chocolate liqueur, this cocktail tastes like a spirit-forward peanut butter cup.

Fig Old-Fashioned


Figs, either fresh or dried, lend a sweet twist to the traditional old-fashioned.

Chai Old-Fashioned


Made with cardamom bitters and chai tea ice cubes, the chai spices infuse slowly for a flavorful sipper.