The Ultimate List for Your Home Bar

From tools you need to the spirits to mix with, here is my ultimate list for your home bar!  

When you are setting up your home bar, there are a few things you might need. I thought it would be helpful to make a cocktail resource page that aspiring home mixologists can utilize to see the products I use in my kitchen and home bar. I will continue to evolve and update this list as I find new products worth mentioning.


Elderflower Rose Gimlet, a refreshing floral cocktail // Feast + West
Elderflower Rose Gimlet


Improvising only gets you so far. These are the tools you need behind your bar. 

  • Jigger — This handy little thing is for measuring out spirits, syrups and other liquids. Usually, one side is 1 ounce, and the other is 1.5 ounces.
  • Cocktail shaker — Use this vessel to shake up your margaritas, martinis and more!
  • Strainers — three choices:
    • Classic cocktail strainer — Strain your cocktail from a shaker like a professional bartender.
    • Fine mesh strainer — This mini-strainer is my favorite. I use it all the time, especially when I don’t want citrus pulp in my drinks.
    • Julep strainer — For keeping mint leaves out of those mint juleps!
  • Barspoon — A long spoon for stirring or for ‘floating’ a layer of liqueur over a cocktail.
  • Measuring spoons — You probably already have a set of these. But just in case. I also love this measure cup for liquids!
  • Citrus juicers — a few different kinds to choose from:
    • Squeeze juicer — This is handiest when I have (what feels like) a thousand lemons to juice. It also comes in a smaller size for limes or a larger one for oranges and grapefruits. (Tip: Put the cut side down to get the most juice on the first squeeze.)
    • Classic glass juicer — I love this kind when I want lots of pulp. It can be hard on the wrist, though. Ceramic juicers are also lovely.
    • Reamer — Great for getting every last ounce of juice. Lots of control here.
    • Electric — Because sometimes a little power helps.
  • Zester — For a little citrus garnish. A handheld zester works, too. (And you can use the handheld kind for citrus twists, too.)
  • Vegetable peeler — For a big citrus garnish, like a piece of orange rind.
  • Muddler — Use this to mash herbs, fruits and spirits together. I prefer a wooden one, but a metal muddler works too.
  • Paring knife — The sharper, the better.
  • Cutting board — Protect those countertops, yo.
  • Blender — Once you try a good blender, you’ll never go back. So handy for those frozen margs and boozy milkshakes!
  • Ice trays — (Tip: Fill them up with freshly boiled water for the clearest-looking ice.)
    • Basic cubes — I love the way these stack in my freezer!
    • Large cubes — Bigger cubes melt slower. And this tray stacks with the ones above, too!
    • Ice spheres — Great balls of ice!
    • Whiskey stones — Pieces of soapstone that don’t melt, so your whiskey stays cold and undiluted.
  • Corkscrew — Every bar has to have one of these! Just in case a wine drinker comes over, or if you make sangria.
  • Bottle opener — Don’t be caught without one of these, either. Handy for beers and sodas.

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Sweet Blood Orange Margaritas // Feast + West
Sweet Blood Orange Margaritas


Look for my favorite bottles in your local liquor store as I cannot link to a product page where you can purchase them online. I will, however, link to the brands’ official websites. Ages 21+ only! 

*Locally made in North Carolina


Bulleit, Blanton’sWoodford Reserve

Budget pick: Bulleit


Bombay Sapphire, Tanqueray, Hendrick’s, TOPO*, Cardinal*

Budget pick: Seagram’s


Bacardi, Cruzan, Gosling’s, Kill Devil*, Kraken, Muddy River*

Budget pick: Bacardi


DobelEl Jimador, EspolonLunazul, Patrón 

Budget pick: El Jimador, Espolon


BulleitCrown RoyalGreat Wagon Road*, Jack DanielsJameson, Stranahan’s, Tincup

Budget pick: BulleitJack Daniels


Absolut, Breckenridge, Reyka, Tito’sTOPO*

Budget pick: Tito’s

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The Manhattan cocktail // Feast + West
The Manhattan


A few essentials that will make your cocktails taste better!

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Rosemary Sparkler, a rosemary champagne cocktail made with rosemary simple syrup and vodka // Feast + West
Rosemary Sparkler


Serve up your drinks in the proper glassware whenever you can! 

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Garden Bloody Mary // Feast + West
Garden Bloody Mary


A little pizzazz goes a long way. 

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The Gin Daisy from The Essential Bar Book by Jennifer Fiedler // Feast + West
The Gin Daisy


My favorite books for both decorating your bar and learning more about cocktails!

Spirit Books
Beer + Wine

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