Vermouth Cocktails

Did you know that vermouth is technically not a spirit, but a type of wine? Yep, it's a fortified wine, which means alcohol gets added to raise the alcohol level (​ABV). In other words, it's a wine that is spiked with brandy, then infused with herbs and spices and, finally, sweetened. There are two types, sweet and dry, which you can learn more about in this vermouth guide.

You'll definitely come across vermouth in recipes for manhattan and martinis. Here are some top vermouth recipes:

  • A manhattan is a classic cocktail every bartender should know. (And this maple manhattan is not to be missed, either.)
  • The Vieux Carré is a New Orleans classic that's similar to a manhattan or old-fashioned.
  • A pickle martini uses pickles instead of olives, and it's just right!
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