The Best Bar Tools

Your home bar needs the absolute best bar tools! Make sure you’ve got everything you need for all your home cocktail mixing.

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Whether you already have a new bar cart set up at home, or you’re already getting by with a few basics, it’s good to have a checklist in mind so you can start shopping for the essentials and get to mixing up tons of good drinks.

I remember when I first got really into mixing cocktails at home. My first purchase was a gold jigger, AKA one of those little hourglass-shaped cups you see bartenders to measure alcohol.

Next I picked out a better juicer for citrus (which comes in so handy for my favorite Moscow mules and so many other drinks. Oh, and for cooking too!)

Then later I invested in a matching cocktail shaker, bar spoon, corkscrew and bottle opener.

Tips & Tricks

Pick a color scheme for your home bar tools so that everything matches. With a little searching, you can find bar tools in tones of silver, gold or copper — and sometimes even black or bright colors. You don’t have to buy everything in a “set,” but stick to the color scheme as you add to your collection for a uniform look.

Of course, you don’t need a ton of fancy tools to get the job done. There are many ways to hack a cocktail with what you have.

But these tools were made to do their jobs, so they’re a must if you want to get serious about mixing great drinks at home.

You will have tons of fun picking out your home bar tools! I’m honestly a little jealous you’re embarking on this new adventure, so please enjoy it for me!

Here are some more tips for building and stocking a bar at home from some bar experts around the country.

Cocktail recipes are just that, recipes, for a reason. They are made with the balance of flavors in mind, so measuring with a jigger is key. This one has a 1-ounce side and a 2-ounce side.
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Cocktail Shaker
A cocktail shaker is key to mixing up a ton of cocktail recipes. Fill it with ice, your ingredients and add the lid — then shake it like a polaroid picture and strain into your glass.
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Citrus Press
If you like cocktails that feature lime or lemon juice, you might want to invest in a citrus press. It makes squeezing out the juice so much easier, trust me!
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Hawthorne Strainer
When decanting from a cocktail shaker, you need a good strainer. This helps you keep the shaker ice from dropping into your cocktail, as well as any bits of herbs or fruit pulp from citrus.
Fine Strainer
Sometimes you need a strainer that can keep even more stuff out, and that's when you pull out the fine-mesh strainer.
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Cocktail Muddler
When you need to mash fruits and herbs for a cocktail, you need a muddler. They are perfect for smashing and crushing.
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Bar Spoon
A bar spoon is key for the stirred drinks that you don't want to shake in a mixer. Use them in a cocktail shaker or a mixing glass.
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Mixing Glass
Mixing glasses are gorgeous additions to a bar cart, plus they're great for any cocktail you need to stir and not shake.
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Ice Cube Molds
Cocktails need ice! Use boiled water to make clear ice. This set of trays includes a set to make large cubes as well as spheres.
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Sometimes you're not making cocktails, but are serving wine! It's always good to have a bottle or two on hand for those who don't like liquor. Keep a corkscrew on your bar cart for those moments.
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Bottle Opener
A bottle opener is not only for beer, but also handy for cocktail mixers like ginger beer or club soda that might come in an old-school bottle.
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Coasters make a lovely addition to a bar card, plus they protect your tables from pesky drink rings!
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