Easy recipes to enjoy without booze

Dry January Drinks

Observing Dry January? Let me promise you this: Your drinks don't have to be boring! The trend of alcohol-free drinks is growing and it's a super exciting time to enjoy drinks without alcohol.

let’s get started!

Virgin Bloody Mary


Savory and so flavorful, this brunch classic is just as delicious without alcohol.

Virgin Mimosa


It's all about the ratios to help this become the star of your next brunch.

Virgin Moscow Mule


Ginger beer and lime hold their own in this refreshing sipper.

Virgin Mojito


With all of the classic mojito flavors, this is a light and bright drink to start off your year.

Virgin Mint Julep


When made with with non-alcoholic spirits (or an alternatives), this drink remains a classic.

Strawberry Agua Fresca


Bright and refreshing, this sweet sipper (and the other flavor variations) is a crowd pleaser.

Italian Soda


Quick and delicious, this two-ingredient drink is easy to make and refreshing to sip.

Citrus Spa Water


Up your hydration game and take advantage of winter produce with this tasty sipper.