easy holiday drink

Yule Mule Cocktail

Want to wow your guests at the holidays? Meet the Yule Mule, an easy cocktail you can enjoy all season long. It's made with only a few ingredients...

let’s get started!

what you'll need

a cocktail shaker, a jigger, a citrus juicer, and your choice of mule mugs or rocks glasses.

Prep Time: 5 Min

ice cubes 4 ounces vodka juice from 1 lime 4 ounces cranberry juice 6 ounces ginger beer

makes: 2 drinks


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Put ice in a shaker.


Always start with ice to invigorate your ingredients.

Measure vodka.


Pour 4 ounces of vodka over the ice.

Add juice from 1 lime.


Substitute 1.5 ounces of concentrate if you need to!

Add cranberry juice.


Pour 4 ounces into the cocktail shaker. 

Shake, shake, shake!


Put the cap on your shaker and give it a good shake!

Prepare your glasses.


Add ice, then strain the shaker mixture over the top. 

Top with ginger beer.


About 3-4 ounces per glass will do! Fill to the top.

Garnish & cheers!


Make it pretty with cranberries and a sprig of rosemary. Enjoy!

make this recipe your own! 

Mix it with gin, bourbon, tequila or spiced rum instead of vodka.