Making spirits bright

Plum Brandy

Homemade Plum Brandy is sure to make spirits bright during the holiday season. It makes a lovely holiday spirit for gifting or drinking. Infuse your own with fresh plums or dried prunes. 

let’s get started!

what you'll need

bottle or mason jar with a lid funnel fine mesh strainer

Prep Time: 10 Min

10 prunes, cut into 1-inch pieces (or 1/4 pound of fresh plums, pitted and cut into 1-inch pieces) 2 cups brandy

makes: 2 cups


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Prep your fruit.


Prunes are readily available year-round. You can also use fresh plums when in season.

Add fruit to jar.


Once they've been cut and pitted, add prunes (or plums) to your preferred jar. 

Top with brandy.


Use a funnel to top the fruit with brandy.

Let infuse.


Store in a cool, dry place for at least 3 days — ideally at least 1 month or up to 3 months.

Strain out fruit.


When your brandy has infused the desired amount of time, strain out the fruit.

Serve and enjoy!


Try your plum brandy neat or pour over ice cream. Cheers!