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How to Make a  Fish Bowl Drink

Drink up summertime with a Fish Bowl drink. Served in fish bowl glasses, this bright blue cocktail is complete with fish-shaped candies and makes a great party drink.

let’s get started!

what you'll need

two glasses or bowls of your choice a cocktail shaker cocktail umbrellas

Prep Time: 10 Min

2 ounces coconut rum 2 ounces blue curaçao 2 ounces vodka 4 ounces pineapple juice

makes: 2 drinks


2 ounces simple syrup 1 ounce lemon juice 1 ounce lime juice 8 gummy candies, for garnish

ingredients, cont.

Ice things down.


Fill your cocktail shaker with ice.

Measure + pour.


Measure out each of your ingredients (except the candy) and add them to the shaker..

Shake it up!


Put the lid on your shaker and give it some shakes to combine the ingredients.

Pour over ice.


Pour the cocktail into two glasses (or bowls) filled with ice.

Garnish and enjoy!


Add cocktail umbrellas and gummy candies. Cheers!

Susannah Brinkley Henry

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