Romantic sippers to share

10 Date Night Cocktails

Whether you're crafting cocktails for a first date, celebrating something romantic like Valentine's Day or just want to share a special sipper, these recipes are the perfect way to show you care. 

let’s get started!

Raspberry Daiquiri


With a ruby-red hue thanks to raspberries and raspberry preserve, this sweet rum sipper is simple and tasty.

Chocolate Old-Fashioned


Chocolate and romance are a pair made in heaven. This chocolate twist on a classic is velvety and sweet.

Kir Royale


With just two ingredients, this bubbly, berry-sweet classic comes together quickly for any celebration.

Chocolate Cake Shots


Despite their appearance, these sweet shooters taste just like cake — making them the perfect party treat!

Clover Club


This cocktail takes some work to put together, but the fresh raspberry taste is well worth the effort.

French Mule


Made with cognac, ginger beer and lime juice this drink pairs well with French pastries.

Elderflower Rose Gimlet


Elderflower, gin and rose water give this cocktail a romantically floral taste reminiscent of a bouquet.

Rose Champagne Cocktail


Make this floral stunner with  gin, floral liqueur, rose water, lemon juice and blush champagne.

Strawberry Basil Margaritas


With all the tastes of the farmers market, these tequila-based beauties are sure to be a fan favorite.



Rosé wine is the key to this cool cocktail. Icy and sweet, this drink is perfectly refreshing.