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Watching the big game calls for a Beerita, a hybrid of the two best game-watching drinks: a beer and a margarita. Don't worry, no tequila is left behind in this fizzy, lime cocktail. You'll love this beer margarita recipe! (via

After five years of blogging here at Feast + West, you guys have loved some of the same posts over and over again. 

The posts my readers frequent aren’t always the ones I would pick, so it’s super cool to me to see which ones top the charts — especially if I didn’t expect it. 

It absolutely delights me when you guys make my recipes for your loved ones or check out a spot I loved on a trip, thanks to my recommendation. I built this site to help you indulge in your life, and I love to hear the ways in which you do that. 

On this page I’ve collected all of my top content, and I’m updating it from time to time as you love new things.

Here you’ll find posts that went viral, ones with lots of comments and your old standbys. Enjoy! 

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