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Want to work with Feast + West?

I’d love to hear from you! Feast + West reaches a wide audience of designers, travelers and home cooks daily. I’d be happy to provide you a copy of my media kit for more information on my readership and sponsorship offerings. Drop me a line at hello [at] feastandwest [dot] com and let’s talk!

Because I love my readers dearly, I will only allow collaborations and advertisements for products, businesses and services that I honestly love and feel would be appropriate for Feast + West. I reserve the right to decline any product or service for any reason I see fit. Please note that preparing a collaboration or sponsored post of any kind can take between two to six weeks. Here are a few examples of ways to collaborate with Feast + West:

Blogs + Creatives
Would your brand, small business or blog like to team up with Feast + West? Email me at hello [at] feastandwest [dot] com with your idea and we’ll set up a time to chat!

Travel Guides
Feast + West
is looking for other bloggers to guest post their favorite things about their current city or hometown, anywhere in the world. Check out the posts in my Hidden Gems series. If you’re interested in writing a guide, read more about the series and email meat hello [at] feastandwest [dot] com to pitch your city.

Ad Sponsorships
If you run a blog or small business, Feast + West would love to feature your sidebar ad. Please contact me at hello [at] feastandwest [dot] com for ad pricing.

Sponsored posts, giveaways and reviews
Do you have a product or service that readers of Feast + West might enjoy? I would love to work with you on a sponsored post, giveaway or review for your product and promote the post on social media. Contact me at hello [at] feastandwest [dot] com with any questions and let’s get to talking!