The Best Jello Shot Recipes

The best jello shot recipes you will ever need are right here! From basic flavors to the more complicated and cocktail-inspired, don’t miss out on these party treats. They are making a comeback!

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The jello shot is back!

I recently read an article in Punch announcing the return of the Jello shot.

After two years of fewer parties and less time with our loved ones, people are back to celebrating, — both at home and out and about — and jello shots are invited.

Though I’m years out of college, I don’t mind a jello shot or two, especially more grown-up flavors like champagne or margarita. Below I’m sharing a little about making jello shots as well as some of the best jello shot flavors.

How to make jello shots

There are two ways to make jello shots: with flavored gelatin dessert mix or unflavored gelatin powder. Neither way is right or wrong!

Jello shots with flavored jello are made with a brand-name gelatin mix, like Jell-O or Starburst. They are typically made with vodka, though other spirits can be used.

Jello shots with unflavored gelatin are made with powdered gelatin (most commonly Knox brand). They can be used with multiple flavors of juice and types of spirits to create limitless flavor combinations.

Gelatin isn’t vegan, however. If you’re in need of a vegan option, don’t miss this recipe for vegan jello shots.

If you endeavor to make jello shots, make sure to check out these tips and tricks.

stacks of jello shots with lids

Best cups for jello shots

Jello shots are most often served in little cups for individual enjoyment.

Jello shot cups with lids are great for storing a lot in the fridge (they stack!) and for transporting (their smooth tops are protected!)

These plastic shot glasses are great for shots that look like miniature cocktails.

You can even make them jigglers style (remember those?) by pouring the mixture into a lightly greased baking dish, then cutting them into squares.

At Halloween, these plastic syringes make for a super creepy presentation! (Especially if you pair them with vodka gummy worms.)

If you don’t have enough of the small shot glasses, you can use ice cube trays or even a muffin tin.

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The Best Jello Shot Recipes

Jello shots come in every color in the rainbow and can be made with just about any liquor or flavor combination.

Anytime Jello Shots

These jello shots can withstand the test of time. Make them any time of year.

Spring Jello Shots

These recipes for jello shots work well for spring parties and holidays.

Summer Jello Shots

These jello shots are perfect for warm weather. Make them for beach days, pool parties and summer soirees.

Fall & Winter Jello Shots

For the fall and winter months, these jello shots are perfect for holiday celebrations.

The Golden Ratio Guide:

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