Game Day Cocktails

Whether you’re rooting for your home team or just here for the commercials, there’s a few Game Day cocktails here you’ll love. Whip up your favorite for the Big Game, March Madness, the Olympics or a tailgate to share with your fellow game lovers.

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Sportsball. You either love it or you don’t.

If you do, you’ve got a favorite team and you watch every weekend. If you don’t, you probably enjoy some amazing commercials, a good halftime show and the Olympics every few years.

I fall mostly in the “don’t” category, but I do love attending a tailgate once in a while.

Honestly, it’s the beer cheese dip and guacamole for me.

Oh, and the drinks of course.

While I love a cold one, especially a local craft beer from a cooler, I also love mixing up punches and pitcher drinks for an athletic gathering with friends and family.

It’s good to have some recipes for game day cocktails in your back pocket, and I’ve got you covered with some ideas.

a plate of pretzels and a bowl of beer cheese

Tips for picking game day cocktails

Go for a theme. Think about the event you’re about to watch, and choose drinks accordingly.

One way to do this is to make drinks that match your team’s color scheme. When my Carolina Panthers are playing, I might make frozen blue margaritas to match their jerseys.

Or you could mix up place-related cocktails using ingredients representative of the team you’re pulling for. Example: Pulling for New Orleans? Make some Mardi Gras cocktails. Or when the Olympics are in France in 2024? Make some champagne cocktails.

This year the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals are playing in the Super Bowl. If you’re pulling for the Rams, you might make a California-esque pineapple Moscow mule that matches their blue and gold jerseys. If you’re a Bengals fan, you might make a Who Dey! cocktail.

Place matters. If you’re bringing drinks from home for, say, a tailgate, you might want to think about pre-mixing your drinks ahead of time. Some drinks just won’t travel well.

A pitcher or bottle of Bloody Mary mix would work well packed in your cooler along with some beers. You could also make some bottled cocktails to bring. Don’t forget the cups and some ice!

Have something for everyone. Not every drink will be a winner with every set of tastebuds. If you’re hosting, plan to offer some beer and wine and a non-alcoholic option like Winter Citrus Spa Water. Check out these tips for stocking your bar for a party.

Glass or plastic? If your folks can get rowdy, skip anything glass, including bottles and pitchers. Stick to plastic. You can wash everything in the dishwasher when you get home.

two beerita cocktails next to beer cans
Beer + tequila = a winning combo. The Beerita is a beer margarita recipe that's perfect for sipping while watching the big game!
a carafe of homemade Bloody Mary mix with a kitchen towel and a plate of Bloody Mary rim salt
Homemade Bloody Mary Mix
The best easy, homemade Bloody Mary mix is made with a few simple ingredients and packs a powerful punch in Bloody Marys and Bloody Marias alike. Perfect for a crowd or setting up a Bloody Mary bar!
Orange Crush Recipe
The Orange Crush is perfect for any team with an orange jersey. You'll want to make a big batch of these!
Get the Recipe
town down view of a classic mojito with mint leaves and lime wedges
Classic Mojitos
Hot game days just won't be the same without at least one mojito. Get out the mint and your muddler!
Royal Flush Drink
If your team has red jerseys, this gorgeous red cocktail is an easy sipper that will be a big hit with your fellow fans.
Get the Recipe
Beermosa // Feast + West
2-Ingredient Beermosa
A mimosa made with beer? Trust me on this. It's perfect for brunch or watching the game!
an old-fashioned cocktail with a black kitchen towel and a wooden muddler
Old-Fashioned Cocktail
This one's great for celebrating a win at the end of the night. Every bourbon lover should have the best old-fashioned cocktail recipe up their sleeve! Learn to make this classic whiskey drink the right way, once and for all.
a michelada cocktail on a wood coaster
Michelada Cocktail
The Michelada is similar to a Bloody Mary, only it's made with beer and lime juice. It's a lovely savory cocktail to start the tailgate.
Get the Recipe
A Ginger Pumpkin Beer Shandy is a fall cocktail that's reminiscent of pumpkin pie. Sip on this lovely hybrid of sweet, non-alcoholic ginger beer and a spicy, tart pumpkin ale for Thanksgiving and other autumn get-togethers. (via
Ginger Pumpkin Beer Shandy
In the fall, a Ginger Pumpkin Beer Shandy makes a lovely fall sipper that's crisp and delicious for brisk days!
Chile Beer Sangria
Chile-infused whiskey and citrus bring out so many flavors in the beer! This sangria will be loved by everyone at your game day party.
Beat the heat this summer with Frozen Lemon Daiquiris reminiscent of the New Orleans classic cocktail. Sweet and tart, this citrus and rum cocktail is like a fresh frozen lemonade. (via
Frozen Lemon Daiquiris
For the team with yellow jerseys or for a hot game-watching party, these Frozen Lemon Daiquiris are reminiscent of the New Orleans classic cocktail. Sweet and tart, this citrus and rum cocktail is like a fresh frozen lemonade.
Gin Campari Sour
This drink calls for campari, but it's not as bitter as a Negroni. This one's much brighter and perfect if your team has an orange jersey.
A gray and white dish towel wraps around a half of a lime, a gold spotted glass, a gold spoon and cocktail jigger and a Seagram's Ginger Ale
Bourbon Ginger Ale Cocktail
A cocktail for a wintry night, this Bourbon Ginger Cocktail will warm you right up.
Get the Recipe
Pimm’s Punch
This Pimm's Punch is an easy sipper that serves a crowd. Make it anytime NOLA is playing.
Get the Recipe
The Tootsie Roll Cocktail is a black candy cocktail fit for Halloween. Made with root beer and coffee liqueur, it tastes just like the candy. Even though it’s spooky and dark, it is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth! What’s in a Tootsie Roll drink and how do you make it? Let’s find out!
The Tootsie Roll Cocktail
Made with root beer and coffee liqueur, the Tootsie Roll Cocktail tastes just like the candy. It is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!
Get the Recipe
Frozen Aperol Spritz Cocktail
This gorgeous Aperol cocktail is served iced. A perfect way to chill out and watch a game during the summer months.
Get the Recipe
two glasses of herbal limeade with green straws and limes
Herbal Limeade
Make a pitcher of bright and refreshing Herbal Limeade for your next gathering or to sip on all week! Mix it with tequila for margaritas or enjoy it as a mocktail.
Cherry Fizz Cocktail
This cherry fizz is a rosy cocktail for any team with a red jersey. Similar to a Tom Collins, this is such an easy sipper!
Get the Recipe
a gray mug with hot chocolate and a melted marshmallow next to a gray kitchen towel
Instant Pot Hot Chocolate
Make this easy, silky and delicious hot chocolate in your Instant Pot or any slow cooker. Perfect for a chilly game day!
A close-up of a frozen strawberry daiquiri on a gold tray.
Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris
Easy to whip up in a belnder, these sweet, succulent, frozen strawberry daiquiris are delicious anytime.
Spicy Jalapeño Blackberry Margaritas really hit all the taste buds so you can savor ever single sip. Make it with homemade jalapeño-infused tequila and tailor them with your desired amount of heat. Cheers to summertime! (via
Spicy Jalapeño Blackberry Margaritas
Spicy Jalapeño Blackberry Margaritas really hit all the taste buds so you can savor ever single sip. Make it with homemade jalapeño-infused tequila and tailor them with your desired amount of heat. Cheers to summertime!
Purple Rain Cocktail
For the team with purple jerseys, this Purple Rain cocktail uses blue curaçao and grenadine to make the most brilliant violet color.
Get the Recipe
From taco night to girls' night, Strawberry Basil Margaritas are the freshest summer sipper around. With all the tastes of the farmers market, these tequila-based beauties are sure to be a fan favorite. (via
Strawberry Basil Margaritas
Strawberry Basil Margaritas make a big batch in the blender, so they're perfect for game-watching parties. These tequila-based beauties are sure to become fan favorites.
Strawberry Lemonade Mocktail
This pretty strawberry lemonade can be served sans alcohol or you can mix it with booze to make a punch.
Get the Recipe
two glasses of margarita sangria next to a pitcher of the same
Margarita Sangria
Margarita Sangria uses white wine, tequila and citrus to bring you a margarita flavor that can easily serve a crowd.

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