Christmas Cocktails

Don’t know what to make for Christmas cocktails? These ideas will be a hit, whether you’re throwing a shindig or just looking for something to sip on with family and friends.

Based on the traditional Moscow Mule, the Yule Mule is a holiday cocktail featuring ginger beer and cranberry juice. Garnish it with rosemary and fresh cranberries for a cocktail that tastes just like Christmas! (via

Holiday cocktails for every celebration

Christmas cocktails shouldn’t be left off the menu for Christmas Eve or Christmas morning!

I pulled together 28 ideas for Christmas beverages, both alcoholic and a few that are alcohol-free. From martinis to mojitos, there’s something everyone will love on this list.

Types of Christmas cocktails

From fruity flavors like cranberry and pomegranate to herbal ones like peppermint and rosemary, there’s so much texture and fragrance to be enjoyed at the holidays when it comes to Christmas cocktails.

And there’s, of course, a spot for cookies and candy too! Chocolate, coffee, almond, ginger and more are lovely additions to your Christmas drink menu. Here are a few types of drinks you can consider serving at your parties:

  • Warm drinks: From hot chocolate to apple cider, there are non-alcoholic and boozy drinks that will make you feel cozy.
  • Cold drinks: Christmas is warm in some places of the world, so ice-cold, refreshing drinks are a necessity!
  • After-dinner drinks: Usually sweet and boozy, these cocktails are served as dessert. At Christmastime, cookie and candy flavors make these a real treat.
  • Non-alcoholic drinks: With zero-proof spirits more readily available these days, it’s easy to turn many cocktails into mocktails.

When to serve cocktails at Christmas

Make them for Christmas Eve, Christmas morning, Christmas brunch, Christmas parties… or just because! Christmas cocktails are always a hit whether you’re hosting a small get-together, a cookie decorating party or a larger shindig.

So get out your most festive glassware and bar tools. And don’t forget the festive garnishes!

I’d love to know what Christmas drinks you’re making this year! Leave a note in the comments.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Shots for Christmas
Chocolate Chip Cookie Shots
Santa will love these Chocolate Chip Cookie Shots, which are edible shooter glasses that are filled with Irish cream and coffee liqueur. So delicious for the holidays!
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A peppermint hot chocolate with peppermint whipped cream next to holly leaves.
Spiked Peppermint Hot Chocolate
Boozy hot chocolate is never a bad idea, and this one is made with homemade peppermint vodka.
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two black Russian cocktails with a red kitchen towel.
Homemade Coffee Liqueur
Homemade Coffee Liqueur makes a sweet holiday gift for all the coffee lovers in your life! All you need is vodka or rum, vanilla simple syrup, freshly brewed coffee and a jar or bottle, and this popular spirit is yours to gift or drink!
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Based on the traditional Moscow Mule, the Yule Mule is a holiday cocktail featuring ginger beer and cranberry juice. Garnish it with rosemary and fresh cranberries for a cocktail that tastes just like Christmas! (via
Yule Mule
This red and green holiday cocktail with ginger beer, cranberry, vodka and rosemary is sure to be a hit with everyone you serve it to.
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Christmas Sangria
With apples and cranberries, this gorgeous sangria is a perfect pairing for Christmas dinner.
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Two glasses of Irish cream on the rocks next to a bottle tied with a green ribbon for gifting.
Homemade Irish Cream Liqueur
Homemade Irish Cream Liqueur makes an amazing gift, and tastes better than the real thing! Perfect for sipping after dinner.
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Two glasses of Russian tea with cinnamon and star anise.
Russian Tea
Russian Tea is a warm citrus tea punch for a chilly day. My family recipe is always a big hit.
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A red drink with rosemary and cranberries in a glass.
Poinsettia Champagne Cocktail
This Pointsettia Champagne Cocktail is an elegant yet easy holiday cocktail. Make it for Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and every night in between!
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Mistletoe Martini Cranberry Pine Christmas Cocktail
This stunning martini is made with pine simple syrup and tastes like a Christmas tree!
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cinnamon white Russian on a white background
Cinnamon White Russian
Sweet and spiced, this cinnamon White Russian is an amazing holiday after-dinner cocktail made with cinnamon simple syrup.
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Say cheers with a Sparkling Pomegranate Port Wine Cocktail! This rutilant drink marries the sweetness of Port wine with tart pomegranate and a hint of orange flavor, topped with a bit of bubbly champagne. (via
Pomegranate Bourbon Fizz
Made with pomegranate, bourbon and ginger ale, this drink is refreshing and fun, perfect for a celebration or a girls' night in.
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Glass of Christmas Spa Water
Christmas Spa Water
Christmas Spa Water is infused water. This non-alcoholic beverage is a jolly and colorful drink for the holiday season.
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Cranberry Bellinis
These pretty cranberry bellinis are a merry cocktail for Christmas morning or brunch.
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Dairy-Free Blender Eggnog is a quick and easy way to prepare the traditional Christmas drink this year. It's the perfect holiday beverage for vegans and those who can't consume dairy. (via
Dairy-Free Blender Eggnog
Dairy-Free Blender Eggnog is a quick and easy way to prepare the traditional Christmas drink. It's a holiday beverage that vegans and those who can't consume dairy will love, but it tastes like the real thing!
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The Peppermint White Chocolate Martini is a lovely after-dinner sipper for the holidays. Garnished with a free printable Candy Cane Drink Flag by @colleenpastoor, this festive drink features white chocolate liqueur, flavored vodkas and Irish cream. (via
Peppermint White Chocolate Martini
This merry and minty cocktail for the holidays looks so cute with Candy Cane Drink Flags!
a pomegranate yule mule with a leafy garnish and pomegranate seeds on top
Pomegranate Yule Mule
Ruby red pomegranate juice is the star of these festive holiday cocktails. Make them with gin or vodka and serve them at your next holiday party!
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a green champagne bottle pours champagne into a pomegranate mimosa
Pomegranate Mimosa
The Pomegranate Mimosa is a delicious choice for your Thanksgiving or Christmas menu. Enjoy it for breakfast or brunch!
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Tiramisu Martini
For dessert, try a pretty tiramisu martini garnished with chocolate and a ladyfinger!
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Sparkling Cranberry Ginger Ale Punch
This stunning non-alcoholic punch would be a big hit with kiddos and non-drinkers!
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a leftover cranberry sauce old-fashioned with a burning piece of rosemary
Cranberry Sauce Old-Fashioned Cocktail
Make a Cranberry Old-Fashioned cocktail with your leftover cranberry sauce from Christmas dinner!
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a closeup of cape velvet liqueur in a brandy snifter on a black marble coaster
Cape Velvet Cream Liqueur
This brandy-based liqueur is a delicious after-dinner sipper that you can drink solo, mix into cocktails or enjoy over ice cream.
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a champagne flute with a cranberry mimosa garnished with sugared cranberries
Cranberry Mimosas
Serve up a round of easy cranberry mimosas for a holiday party or for brunch! They'll be lovely on Christmas morning.
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a candy cane cookie garnishing a sugar cookie martini next to baked and frosted sugar cookies and a cocktail shaker
Sugar Cookie Martini
Whip up a batch of sugar cookie martinis to sip on while baking, decorating or partying for the holidays!
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White Christmas Mojito
Minty mojitos with coconut rum and coconut water make for a tropical cocktail fit for Christmas!
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juice-filled ornaments on a christmas tree mimosa bar
Christmas Tree Mimosa Bar
Deck out a Christmas tree with juice-filled ornaments that holiday party guests can use to make their own mimosas.
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christmas margaritas on a white countertop
Christmas Margaritas
These easy Christmas margaritas are a jolly cocktail to make your holidays bright!
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a christmas sugar plum sidecar with fresh rosemary on a white background
Sugar Plum Sidecar
Dance the night away with a Sugar Plum Sidecar in hand! Made with plum brandy, triple sec and lemon juice, this bejeweled cocktail pairs well with The Nutcracker soundtrack.
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spiced hot buttered rum in an Irish coffee mug
Spiced Hot Buttered Rum
Spiced Hot Buttered Rum is a cozy winter warmer for chilly nights and the holiday season.
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decorative icon of a beer stein.

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