Alcohol Gummy Bears

Looking for an easy boozy treat? Alcohol Gummy Bears are easy, fruity and sweet. Make a big batch for a party or a small batch for you and your best friend. No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong!

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I don’t know about you, but I really love gummy candy.

I also really love a good cocktail, in case my extensive collection of cocktail recipes hadn’t tipped you off.

It should not be a surprise, then, that I really love Alcohol Gummy Bears.

gummy bears spilling out of a bowl

If you’ve never had Alcohol Gummy Bears, they are exactly what they sound like: gummy bears soaked in your favorite alcohol. The gummy bears soak up the alcohol and become similar to, but even more fun to eat than, jello shots.

Alcohol Gummy Bears are perfect for a party. I really enjoy making them for bachelorette parties and poolside snacks, but you can make them for any fun occasion.

gummy bears next to a bowl of alcohol gummy bears


If you’ve never had Alcohol Gummy Bears, you must try them. And they’re just about the easiest things you’ll ever make. HOW easy?

Step 1: Buy gummy candy.

Step 2: Add your choice of alcohol.

Step 3: Wait patiently (12 to 24 hours).

Step 4: Eat!

Seriously, that’s it. It really couldn’t be more simple.

a hand holding a spoon of gummy bears out of a bowl

Alcohol Gummy Bears are so easy to make and customize, which means you can make as big or small of a batch as you want. Make them for a big party or just for a weekend of Netflix binging with your friends.


You don’t have to limit drunken gummies to just bears, though. You can have boozy gummy worms or dinosaurs or whatever. Any gummy candy will work!

My favorite are the Haribo gummy bears — they always remind me of studying abroad in Europe.

I’ve even seen seasonal shapes and colors — such as Christmas tree gummies or red, white and blue gummies — that would be perfect for holiday parties!

alcohol and gummy bears in a bowl

How long to soak gummy bears in alcohol

Soak alcohol gummies anywhere from 12 to 24 hours — they will only grow in size and soften a bit more the longer you soak them. I prefer mine on the 12-hour side, so that they’re still a bit chewy.

You can toss all of your gummies-of-choice into one big bowl together.

Or, if you’re a weirdo like me who likes to eat colored candies in a certain order, you can separate them out before soaking them. (Tell me I’m not the only one?)

a bowl of boozy gummy bears with a spoon


I made a big batch of rum gummy bears for my good friend’s bachelorette getaway recently. I chose to soak mine in rum because it was the bride’s favorite, but you can go for any liquor you like best.

A flavored rum or vodka would be really good too! I’m dying to try them with my homemade spiced rum.

And the fun doesn’t stop at bears. You can also make boozy gummy worms!

gummy bears soaking in a bowl of alcohol

Alcohol for boozy gummy bears

You can have a lot of fun with choosing alcohol for your gummy bears.

Vodka gummy bears are excellent, but both whiskey and tequila would be great if they’re what you prefer.

You can even make alcoholic gummy bears with champagne or rosé wine.

The gummies get bloated and puffy when they soak up the alcohol — all the better for a boozy treat. They can get sticky, so serve them with a spoon or toothpicks!

(Although I find spoons to be a bit safer than toothpicks when alcohol is involved…)

a spoon lifting an alcohol gummy bear out of bowl

Boozy gummy bear flavors

You could even try different flavors of liquor in your Alcohol Gummy Bears! A few ideas:

  • Sour apple vodka on the green gummy bears
  • Raspberry rum or vodka on the red bears
  • Limoncello on the yellow bears
  • Pineapple rum or coconut rum on the white bears
  • Orange vodka or spiced rum on the orange bears

You can even make mini versions of your favorite cocktails by getting creative with your flavor combos.

I soaked those cola bottle gummies in rum once for mini rum & cokes! You could also make them into Whiskey and Coke Gummies So good!

Try black cherry rum on lime gummy bears for mini Cherry Limeade Rum Slushies.

three boozy gummy bears on a gold spoon

The point of a treat like this is it’s supposed to be fun! So experiment and see what you like.

Get creative with gummy shapes, colors and alcohol flavors to match a specific event, or just make them for a poolside snack.

Either way, you really can’t go wrong.

Happy weekend!

Looking for an easy boozy treat? Alcohol Gummy Bears are easy, fruity and sweet. Make a big batch for a party or a small batch for you and your best friend. No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong! (via

Alcohol Gummy Bears

Yield: 4 servings
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 1 day 5 minutes
Alcohol Gummy Bears are easy, fruity and sweet. Make a big batch for a party or a small batch for you and your best friend. No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong!
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  • Fill an airtight, glass container with the gummy candy.
  • Top with enough liquor to cover the candies.
  • Cover and refrigerate for 12 to 24 hours.
  • Drain any excess alcohol, and serve with spoons or toothpicks.


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nutrition information

Yield: 4 servings

amount per serving:

Serving: 0.25cup Calories: 325kcal Carbohydrates: 44g Protein: 5g Sodium: 24mg Potassium: 1mg Sugar: 25g Iron: 0.03mg
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