Hidden Gems: Greensboro, N.C. travel guide

Hidden Gems: Greensboro, N.C. Travel Guide // Feast + West

Located in the central Piedmont of North Carolina, Greensboro is the city I currently call home. My husband and I moved to the area just over three years ago and have loved discovering this charming Southern city. We like to think we have the best of both worlds, living three hours from the beach and mountains, but with so much to do in Greensboro, we don’t leave as often as we thought we would!

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With over 47,000 undergrads and grad students living in Greensboro, I like to think it’s a big college town. There’s always something to do or a new restaurant or bar checkout. Downtown Greensboro is experiencing a revival. There is constantly construction and new shops, restaurants and businesses are opening everyday. It’s an exciting time to live in city that on the cusp of something great.