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Writing letters is a hobby of mine that I absolutely adore. Because half of my family lives overseas, letters were imperative to my childhood. Before email, my grandparents would send aerogrammes or postcards every week, and my parents encouraged my siblings and me to write them back. On top of general correspondence, my mom also insisted we write thank you notes for any gifts or kindnesses, and that’s a habit I’ll always thank her for. Notes are just nice.

Now I write letters or cards whenever I have a spare second. When my computer freezes while rendering images for a design project, I’ll take that time to write a few thank you notes or a long letter to my sister. Each month, I try to send heartfelt birthday cards to all of my friends. And when I travel, I pack stamps and my address book so I can send postcards to my friends and grandma. I do everything I can to keep the postal service in business and to keep mail from becoming a lost art. Letter-writing is a must for me, and if you’re just getting started with it or are wanting to make it a habit, I recommend getting these pen pal essentials for yourself. Write, write, write! // susannah 

P.S. Need a cocktail to go with it? I’d recommend the Airmail, of course.

Pen pal essentials for letter-writing // Feast + West

1. Sugar Paper Note Cards ($16) // 2. Unused Vintage Stamps ($6) // 3. Poppin Assorted Gel Ink Pens ($9) // 4. The Letter Ledger 2.0 by Paper and Type ($20) // 5. Starboard Press Custom Return Address Stamp  ($37) // 6. Rifle Paper Pony Express Social Stationery ($22) // 7. Addressing Stencil ($14.95) // Bando Florabunda Pouch ($12) // 9. Ruled Letter Opener by Izola ($20) // 10. Card-file Address Book by BethBee ($18.45)

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  1. Jill says

    These pen pal essentials are so cute, they make we want to write a letter! I can’t remember the last time I sent one! I remember watching my mom as she’d read and write many pages full of tiny cursive in her correspondence with family. So nostalgic.

    • Susannah says

      Hey Jill! Aren’t they fun? You totally need to send a letter! So worth it! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog. It’s good to hear from you.

  2. Daisy @ Simplicity Relished says

    I recently came home to sweet gifts from faraway friends and wanted to reignite my passion for snail mail! I love your tips and essentials– and this collage!

    • Susannah says

      Thank you, Daisy! Being a pen pal is so much fun. I hope you are able to send some cute letters to your faraway friends soon!

  3. Courtney Leigh says

    Oh, I love sending and receiving notes, cards, and letters so much! It’s definitely not a habit, though, and I wish it was. Your pen pal essentials are darling and inspire me to whip out the address book. <3

  4. Bev says

    These pen pal essentials are darling! I love writing little notes and letters to my friends via USPS. There’s something special about sealing up your words to slowly be delivered to a dear one.

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