7 Must-Have Apps for International Travel

Before you take to the skies, check out my favorite apps for international travel. Make sure your phone is charged up, too!  

7 Must-Have Travel Apps for International Travel

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Heading overseas? I’m envious. Visiting a foreign country is always an amazing opportunity to learn about the world and get a bit out of your comfort zone.

But traveling internationally can be nerve-wracking, whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time flyer. Certainly, traveling is a lot easier these days with smartphones. It’s sometimes hard to remember a world filled with paper tickets, travel books, phone booths and lots of un-Google-able questions.

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I have a few crucial apps for international travel. I always make sure to upload them to my phone before I travel to a foreign country. Actually, most of them are helpful even when you’re taking a road trip or visiting another state. Check them out before you take to the skies!

Oh, and when you’re packing, don’t forget a portable charger! Things have changed my life and I wouldn’t go overseas without one!

That, and a 6-foot charger cable. (In case the outlet in your room is super far away). I also love to pack this tiny portable, flexible tripod — so handy for group photos! // susannah 

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Before you go

Packpoint — Perfect your packing list with an easy checklist. It is one of my go-to apps so I wrote a whole Packpoint review a while back. (When I’m not using my ultimate packing list, of course! You can download it for free!)
Download: iPhone | Android 

Splitwise — Traveling in a pack? Track your group’s expenses in this easy-to-use app, starting with the plane tickets. By the end of the trip, you’ll know who owes whom how much to keep things even steven.
Download: iPhone | Android 

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Getting there

FlightTrack 5 — Keep track of all of your flight info in one place. This is also handy if you’re picking someone up from the airport! Just key in his or her travel details and get notifications when the flight is on time or delayed. I’ve been using this one for years, and it just keeps getting better and better.
Download: iPhone | Android

Google Translate  If you’re traveling through a country and don’t know the language, make sure you have a translator app at the ready to help you get through foreign menus and read directions.
Download: iPhoneAndroid  

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On the trip

Kurrency — When you’re overseas, I recommend memorizing the exchange rate so you can roughly calculate prices in your own currency. Download this app so you can keep tabs on the ups and downs of the dollar.
Download: iPhone | Android: Try Flip 

Amount — Likewise, it’s helpful to have an app on hand that can convert kilometers to miles and pounds to kilograms. An app like this one will come in super handy.
Download:  iPhone | Android: Try Simply Convert Units

What’s App — If you don’t want to pay for international minutes or data on your phone, you can keep your phone on airplane mode and utilize messaging apps on WiFi to stay in touch with friends you’re traveling with or family back home.
Download:  iPhone | Android

What travel apps do you swear by?

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  1. Helene says

    I never go abroad without the app Maps.me. You just need Wifi to download maps and then, you can use it as a GPS without internet connection.
    Very useful!!!!

  2. Mike Lee says

    What a great list and so many Apps I had no clue about. Splitwise can be used on daily basis let alone when traveling. I like the packing App to keep a track of everything so nothing is left behind. I am a big WhatsApp user and besides messaging it makes for a great way to call up friends and family when traveling over Wifi. Will look into FlightTrack.

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