12 Summer Mocktails, Part II

Mocktail Recipes, Part II // Feast + West

A good host tries to accommodate everyone, yes? Whenever I throw a party, I try to remember that there are people who don’t drink alcohol, for whatever reason. In case I have a designated driver or a soon-to-be mother coming over, I always try to have a few cocktail alternatives up my sleeve just in case. Parties are for celebrating! And I would really hate for someone to be stuck toasting with a glass of water.

These 12 summer mocktails are Feast + West originals, and today I’m telling you how to take out the alcohol and still have a tasty beverage. And if 12 is not enough, there’s 12 more in Part 1 from last summer. // susannah

Click below to see the recipes for these 12 summer mocktails!

Spiked Thai Iced Tea // Feast + West

1. Thai Iced Tea

The original recipe I posted is for a spiked version of this classic Thai restaurant drink, but it’s just as classy all by itself. Grab some of this Pantai Thai Tea Mix and some sweetened condensed milk for a pretty iced tea you can enjoy all summer long.

Rosemary Sparkler, a rosemary champagne cocktail made with rosemary simple syrup and vodka // Feast + West

2. Rosemary Sparkler

This cocktail can be made with sparkling cider or sparkling lemonade instead of champagne. Pour it over a homemade rosemary simple syrup for a subtle herbal flavor.

The Madras, a classic vodka cocktail for summertime // Feast + West

3. The Madras

A combination of two juices is a surefire way to make a mocktail. Try this classic cocktail without the vodka — just pour cranberry juice and orange juice over ice and garnish with a slice of orange.

The Gin Daisy from The Essential Bar Book by Jennifer Fiedler // Feast + West

4. The Virgin Daisy

Usually made with gin, top grenadine, lemon juice and simple syrup with club soda. Or, skip the simple syrup and use Sprite instead. This one will be light and refreshing.

Blackberry Gin + Tonic // Feast + West

5. Blackberry Mock G&T

You can mimic gin with herbs from your garden. Infuse water with botanicals like juniper berries, citrus peels and herbs. Muddle fresh, juicy blackberries into your mock-gin, then top with tonic water.

The Paloma Cocktail, made with tequila and grapefruit juice // Feast + West

6. Virgin Paloma

Nix the tequila here. Stir together lime juice, grapefruit and a teaspoon of sugar, then top with a splash of club soda. Garnish with a piece of grapefruit. Fancy straw optional.

Cool down with a Tropical Mango Mojito this summer. // Feast + West

7. Mock Mango Mojito

Omit the rum from this mojito. Muddle mint, lime slices and mango chunks together and top with club soda or Sprite. Boozeless yet refreshing!

Sweet Blood Orange Margaritas // Feast + West

8. Blood Orange Mockarita

Add a salted rim to a glassful of blood orange juice for a bright and colorful mocktail. Add a bit of lime juice for a more tart taste. No tequila, no problem.

Spiked Lavender Lemonade, the perfect pitcher-drink for summertime // Feast + West

9. Lavender Lemonade

This is a sweet lemonade with a hint of lavender. You could serve a dry pitcher of this gently floral lemonade and let your guests spike it with vodka themselves if they prefer.

Sangria Fresca, the perfect pitcher drink for Cinco de Mayo and all summer long. // Feast + West

10. Boozeless Sangria Fresca

Make a sparkling rosé punch with cranberry juice and Sprite. Serve it in a punch bowl or a pretty pitcher with your favorite berries.

The Presbyterian Cocktail // Feast + West

11. Virgin Presbyterian

For those who like a heartier cocktail, I recommend ginger beer — it’s my favorite — or ginger ale! You’ll be skipping the bourbon, but if your diet allows, a drop of bitters (which are alcoholic, yes, but you only need 1-2 drops) will add a lot of flavor. Mocktails are all about great garnishes so, if nothing else, a glass of ginger beer or ale with a skewer of candied ginger will take this mocktail to the next level.

Coffee + Tequila Milkshake // feastandwest.com

12. Coffee Milkshake

Of course milkshakes don’t need booze to be delicious. This coffee version with coffee ice cream and real coffee beans is to-die-for. It’ll help you beat the heat this summer.

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