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Natural Egg Dyes // Feast + West

Dyeing Easter eggs was always a tradition in my family. Last year, I shared a few tips for using all-natural ingredients from the produce section and your spice cabinet to make your own egg dyes. My favorite part of this process is that the eggs never turn out the same. I made some more this year for my friends at The Collaboreat, where I am a contributor, and the results were even different from the last time. Each egg is truly beautiful and unique. Like a snowflake, each one is different.

In addition to the dye recipes, I’ve got a full list of colors and the dyeing agents you can use to make these natural egg dyes. Things like blueberries, cabbage, onions and paprika will help you get really bold, fun colors that you could never get from a box. See the full post here. // susannah

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