Hello, 2015!

2015 Blog Resolutions // Feast + West

A new year, a blank slate. How awesome is that?

I have grown to love Januaries, and the newness about them. I love getting to take a few days to really think about my goals for the new year. Last year, I started this blog as a new year’s resolution. I wanted to “marry my passions for design, photography and writing with my loves of travel, music, reading and food.” I think I did that pretty well, and it’s a goal I intend to keep in 2015.

What else am I planning for Feast + West in the new year ahead?

  • Cocktails galore. I love them, and they were some of your favorite posts in 2014, too. There will be more in 2015, so cheers to that!
  • More travel posts. (Want to show Feast + West readers your city? I’m looking for contributors. Email me!)
  • Collaborations with brands and other bloggers.
  • A more consistent email newsletter. (Sign up here!)

On a more personal level… The other day, I was listening to a story on Science Friday about New Years resolutions. What I took away from this piece was the impact stress can have on one’s willpower. It sure is easy to give up on something when you’re “too busy” or otherwise stressed out. I am definitely guilty of this. Keeping organized and making more healthful choices (such as getting more sleep at night!) will hopefully help me to meet my goals this year. I also want to make a major change to my graphic design business and possibly relocate. So, this is a big year ahead!

And with my blog, business and personal life, I want 2015 to include more people — old and new friends. Julia Child gave me some great inspiration for my first blog post so it seems fitting to close out this one with one of her quotes. These are totally the kinds of people I seek. Looking forward to meeting more of the ‘best people’ this year! Say hello any time. // susannah

2015 Blog Resolutions // Feast + West

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The Golden Ratio Guide:

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  1. Meghan @ Cake 'n' Knife says

    I love your resolutions for 2015! I can’t wait to see your gorgeous face in February! 🙂 Happy New Year and here’s to an incredibly successful, dream-fulfilling year!

  2. Anne @ Unique Gifter says

    Well, as a lover of cocktails, I say “cocktail on!”
    I’m looking forward to more deliciousness (ahem, though maybe later int he year, as I’m trying to reduce my alcohol consumption in January, after the past few, delightful, weeks).

  3. Kim Herrington says

    You have some big goals! But I know you’re going to kick butt at doing them. And totally emailing you about my little fantastic town. We’re a happenin’ place!

  4. Linda | Brunch with Joy says

    I’m here if you need to cover West Coast (SF). And as always, love reading your post. Cheers to more fun posts!

  5. Jess says

    Hell yes to great people! Wanna holiday with me this year? I’ll fly over from Australia… Wait, what’s that? We’ve already planned it?! COOL!
    And a million times yes to cocktails.

  6. Jennay says

    So glad to find you here in blog land…I’m still catching up on your posts from this past year! Looking forward to following along in 2015. Happy New Year and best wishes for a productive and fun year!

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