3 Email Lists You Need To Join

3 Email Lists You Need to Join // Feast + West

Inbox space is precious. Nobody knows this better than I do. Trust me, my friends are always telling me I’m an email packrat. And it’s true. You don’t want to see my voice mail either. Promise. It’s out of control.

Lately, I’ve been trying to be smarter about the newsletters I sign up for and I have been unsubscribing from the ones I don’t read. Having fewer emails to go through makes me a happy camper. There are several newsletters I really look forward to reading throughout the week. I know their editorial schedules by heart. I open them first thing in the morning. I read them eagerly and forward them to friends when they’re really, really great. Those are all signs of really good, addictive content.

I could be awful and selfish and continue to keep these to myself, and I hope to share more with you in the future. These are email lists you need to join, and it would be so unfair to keep them from you. You will absolutely like them. // susannah

3 Email Lists You Need to Join // Feast + West

If you’re short on time but love great content, you’ll love Very Short List. It goes out three times a week. Curated by a different curator every day, each email is focused on a theme such as literature, technology, design, food or culture that are worth a few minutes of your time. I’m always learning about awesome things from VSL. Subscribe here.

3 Email Lists You Need to Join // Feast + West

The Skimm is a recent discovery for me but I’m not sure how I lived without it. If you struggle to stay on top of current events, you’ll appreciate that The Skimm breaks down the top news stories for you. It’s non-partisan, too, so you can be sure to get the facts with a side of pop culture and snark. Delivered on weekdays, this witty newsletter is a quick and easy way to be informed about the world. Subscribe here.

3 Email Lists You Need to Join // Feast + West

So, I guess Serial isn’t really a newsletter — it’s a podcast. But it’s a podcast with a newsletter. And I look forward to receiving it as much as the others in this list. Totally counts. If you haven’t boarded the Serial train yet, get ready for an amazingly thrilling ride. From the folks at This American Life, Serial is a non-fiction radio series that follows one story per season. Each episode is a new chapter in the story. This is the first season, and it’s all about a murder. And, boy, is it addictive. New episodes drop on Thursdays (that’s today!) so go catch up on the first season and get in on the fuss. Subscribe here.

What are your favorite email lists? 

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