Kitchen Road Trip: Texas

Kitchen Road Trip: A Texas gift guide // Feast + West

Everything is bigger in Texas, they say. If that’s true, then that’s where I got my appetite for Tex-Mex food. Having lived the first two years in the Lone Star State, I have always felt a strong tie to Texas. Though I was born here in Charlotte, my family moved to Dallas just three months after I was born. We moved back to North Carolina when I was two — so I remember exactly none of my life in Texas — but I firmly believe it rubbed off on me. For my fellow ‘Friday Night Lights’ fans out there: Texas forever.

I was lucky to visit Austin when I was in college. Gosh, what a cool city! I was there for a conference, but I seriously enjoyed all the live music and tacos everywhere I looked. I’m dying to go back and spend some more time there. Anyway, here’s a Texas gift guide celebrating some of the big and awesome things to come out of my former home state! Happy Monday, y’all. // susannah

The Kitchen Road Trip series is a virtual ‘trip’ to a different state. Posted weekly on Mondays, each post is a gift guide to items from a different state, in alphabetical order, and features food & drinks, books, home goods and travel items.

Click below to see the Texas gift guide!

Kitchen Road Trip: A Texas gift guide // Feast + West

1. Zukali Mexican Gourmet Peppers* ($18.95 for three) // 2. ‘Mi Casa es su Casa’ Print by My Dear Fellow Co.* ($15) // 3. The Prophets of Smoked Meat: A Journey Through Texas Barbecue by Daniel Vaughn ($29.99) // 4. Liber & Co. Pineapple Gum Syrup & Texas Grapefruit Shrub* ($36) // 5. Austin, Texas Souvenir Pennant by Little Skunk Co.* ($35) // 6.
Maple Walnut Heirloom Recipe Box by Little Low* ($98) // 7. Hurd & Honey Geometric Shelf* ($75) // 8. Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee Concentrate* ($33 for three) // 9. Mr. Wittle’s Fine Foods Strawberry Pie Filling* ($18) // 10. Color Block Magnets by Cuppa Color* ($24)

*Made or designed in Texas

(Photo // Ed Schipul)

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