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Washi Tape & Rubber Stamp Blog Business Cards DIY // Feast + West

Business cards are a must when you own a blog or a business. As soon as I decided to attend Food Blog Forum, I realized I should design new business cards to take with me and connect with other bloggers. Exchanging business cards is a great way to network, and it’s a good idea to keep cards on you all the time, just in case.

I make business cards all the time for my clients, but I rarely take the time to design new ones for myself. Today, I’m going to share how and why I made my blog business cards, as well as some of my tips for making your own business cards.

Washi Tape & Rubber Stamp Blog Business Cards DIY // Feast + West

It’s been a few years since I made new cards for myself, so I felt like I owed it to myself to make these ones extra special. On top of that, there were a few other things that I factored into the design of my DIY blog business cards:

  1. Two purposes. I want to advertise my blog and my graphic design services. It wouldn’t always be appropriate to give a blog business card to a potential client. I didn’t want to shell out the money (or the space in my purse) for two different business cards.
  2. Versatility. I wanted a design that I could easily transform into my blog’s branding or leave plain for my clients. I could do this with a back + front design but I wanted to think outside the box.
  3. Handmade quality. I also wanted to include handmade element. As a designer, I’m a sucker for classic printing techniques like letterpress and screen printing, but those weren’t in my budget this time around. I wanted to do something I could DIY on top of pre-printed cards.

I started pinning business card inspiration to a Pinterest board. When I discovered a tutorial for rubber-stamping masking tape, and knew I was onto something. I could get a stamp made of my logo and stamp it onto colored washi tape to adhere to half the cards. The other half I’d leave on the plainer, more professional side to give to clients.

Washi Tape & Rubber Stamp Blog Business Cards DIY // Feast + West

Business cards: MOO Luxe // Custom logo stamp: Hoot Owl Press // Ink pad: StazOn Multi-Surface Ink Pad in Jet Black // Washi tape: MT Tape in carrot, baby blue and sunflower

I picked’s Luxe cards because of their gorgeous Quadplex paper. Essentially, it’s three pieces of paper sandwiched together, with the center piece in black. If you want to make a similar card for yourself, you’ll need an ink that will adhere to non-porous surfaces, like washi tape, which can be on the slick, glossy side.

Next, learn what makes a good business card. Click below! 

Washi Tape & Rubber Stamp Blog Business Cards DIY // Feast + West

I’m very pleased with the result of my cards. Just about everyone I’ve handed them to has made a comment about the thickness, the multi-colored tape or the rubber stamp. And that usually leads to a conversation about my graphic design business. And that has potential to lead to new clients! Every time that happens, my cards pay off in spades.

And that, my friends, was entirely by design! For anyone designing new business cards in the future, here’s my advice:

  1. Start a card collection. It’s important to have inspiration. Though Pinterest is great, it’s a good idea to keep an arsenal of inspiring cards on hand. Save the best ones from conferences or take them from restaurants. Keep them together in a safe spot for the next time you’re designing new cards or in case you need to provide a designer or printer with an example of a cool effect.
  2. Keep them simple. Most cards include the company’s logo plus the cardholder’s name, title(s), snail mail address, email address, website, phone number and fax number. Some include social media information as well. (Since I don’t have a brick + mortar, I nixed the physical address. I also decided I’d rather drive traffic to my site than list a bunch of social media links.) Limit yourself to the most crucial, need-to-know information.
  3. Use both sides. Most online printers these days offer inexpensive two-sided printing, so why not? The back of your card could include your logo, your tagline, an inspiring quote, a solid color or pattern. This is a great spot to be creative and have fun with your brand.
  4. Check and double check. Make sure all your information is there — and correct. Get a friend (or two!) to look everything over for you. Printers aren’t liable for anything you got wrong, so you’re stuck with any mistakes you make. Wouldn’t it suck if your email address had a typo?
  5. Make them memorable. You don’t want a business card; you want a conversation starter. Creativity, a good design, decent paper quality and novel printing techniques can take your cards to the next level. If someone comments on your cards when you hand one to them, there’s a better chance they’ll remember you and your business. (And your cards are less likely to make it to the trash.)

Washi Tape & Rubber Stamp Blog Business Cards DIY // Feast + West

What do you think of my cards? What makes a great business card to you? // susannah

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  1. Madison | Wetherills Say I Do says

    Oh these are FANTASTIC! I love the DIY touches and I feel like the washi tape and stamp makes these stand out so much in a crowd!

  2. bri says

    oh gosh these are great! i’m in the process of making cards for my new site (ahhh!) and i’m just stuck on the back of the card design. i can’t decide if i want just a solid color or a photo or what?! decisions, decisions.

  3. Jackie says

    This is a great article! I am a graphic designer too (stay at home mom + etsy + freelance) and I’m Iooking all over pinterest for inexpensive but crafty DIY ideas for business cards for myself. Love your web design & of course your business cards too! Thanks!

    • Susannah says

      Thanks so much Jackie! Glad you like them. DIY biz cards are a great conversation starter — would love to see what you come up with!

  4. Laura says

    These are so lovely! I think the handmade element would really make you stand out from the crowd. My cousin is an artist and handmade his business cards by hand-painting on to bits of cardboard and printing his details on top!

    Laura |

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