Game Day Recipes

Game Day Recipes // Feast + West

Football season is here! And I just joined my first-ever fantasy football league. That’s probably one of the weirdest sentences I’ve ever written. To be totally honest, if you’d asked me a year ago if I would ever play fantasy, I would have probably looked at you like you were totally, uncontrollably bonkers.

I’ve grown up around football, though I’ve never been a fanatic. I’ve always enjoyed tailgating, attending games and watching the Super Bowl, but I didn’t really learn the rules of the game until I worked on the newspaper in college. But when I saw a recent tweet from Anne of Wit Wisdom & Food asking for more players for her league of female bloggers, I decided to jump right in and try it.

With football comes food. Today I’m sharing a round-up of Feast + West recipes that you can make on game day. From the tailgate to the couch, these snacks and cocktails will elevate your football experience. Game on. // susannah

P.S. Anne and Nicki of Lewis Lane Designs, another member of our league, will be posting about fantasy football on their blogs from time to time. Be sure to read Nicki’s post about fantasy football basics and Anne’s post about fantasy myths!

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Game Day Recipes // Feast + West

Dips are at the heart of every great party. This Italian Hummus is made with cannelloni beans, a lovely twist on traditional chickpea hummus.

Game Day Recipes // Feast + West

Every good game watching party needs a cocktail. Frozen drinks like this Frozen Mango Daiquiri can be made in large batches in a blender. Make it ahead of time, freeze it and take it to your tailgate in a cooler on ice.

Game Day Recipes // Feast + West

This Tangy Peach Salsa would be a hit for the late summer games. Grab a few fresh peaches while you can and whip up a batch of this unique yet classic tip.

Game Day Recipes // Feast + West

Beer is always a staple at football games. The Michelada, however, combines tomato juice and spices with a refreshing brew for a refreshing beer cocktail. Make the base ahead of time, then add the beer to each cup individually.

Game Day Recipes // Feast + West

These crunchy roasted chickpeas are the solution to bland finger food at parties. Make both the sweet and savory versions for added options for your guests.

Game Day Recipes // Feast + West

My favorite mojito recipe, these Lemon-Lime Mojitos, are always a hit at my game day festivities. They’re refreshing and you can make them ahead in a pitcher for fast and easy pouring.

Game Day Recipes // Feast + West

Dress up your GORP with some spices for an interesting spin. When picking ingredients for this Spicy Trail Mix, take your guests allergies and preferences into consideration.

Game Day Recipes // Feast + West

Whip up a batch of this Spring Herb Popcorn on the stove. Throw in whatever garden herbs you have, or substitute dry ingredients from your pantry. You can make it ahead and store it in zip-lock bags for the stadium, or you can serve it in brown-paper bags or a big bowl, movie-theater style.

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