Apps of my Eye: Amount

Apps of My Eye: Amount // Feast + West

When I’m in the kitchen, I find I need to convert measurements from time to time. Sometimes it’s because I need to adjust a recipe from metric to standard measures or Celsius to Fahrenheit. And sometimes it’s because the relevant dishes are already dirty. (You do what you’ve got to do, right?) Though it’s always best, especially when baking, to measure out ingredients precisely, a recipe converter is really handy in a pinch. I recently discovered Amount, a sleek unit converter for iOS. The Amount app makes it easy to change measurements into units.

Apps of My Eye: Amount // Feast + West

Googling has been my go-to method for conversions in the past, but Amount is much more efficient. In just a few easy steps, you can get the answer you need. First, enter the amount with the calculator, then select a category and measurements for your answer. The design of the app is very clean and minimal.

Apps of My Eye: Amount // Feast + West

Amount also offers conversions for clothing size, area, currency and speed, making it a great app for traveling to foreign countries as well as cooking and baking. It has more than 30 categories and 700 units. The Amount app is one I won’t delete from my phone — even to make room for more pictures of food porn. (Of which there is plenty from the Food Blog Forum in Asheville! More on that soon.) // susannah 

App: Amount
Developer: Marco Torretta
Type(s): iPhone and iPad
Price: $0.99

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