The Grown-Up Back-to-School Wishlist

Grown-Up Back-to-School Wishlist // Feast + West

Confession: I am a little bit jealous of the little ones, the college kids and the lovely teachers out there who are preparing to start school. Even though I’ve been out of school for a while, I still get butterflies about the exciting things to come this time of year. I also get the itch to buy new school supplies. These days, I keep a grown-up back-to-school wishlist to suit my whims.

Something about freshly sharpened pencils and a new notebook makes me feel like a kid again. At the very least, new desk accessories always inspire me to straighten up my desk. (Am I alone in this?!) I’ve got zero plans to go back to school anytime soon, but here are a few things that would definitely spruce up my office. What’s on your grown-up back-to-school wishlist? // susannah

Grown-Up Back-to-School Wishlist // Feast + West // Feast + West

1. Nell & Mary Splatter Tote ($85) // 2. Poketo Brass Colored Pencil Holder Set ($78) // 3. Poppin Mint Stapler ($14) // 4. Colorblock Mermaid iPhone Case ($25) // 5. Anthropologie Angled Heirloom Letter Opener ($12) // 6. Sugar Paper Polka Dot Notebook ($26) // 7. CuteTape Gold Stripe Washi Tape ($1.80) // 8. Kate Spade Saturday Striped Zipper Pouch ($25)

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  1. Summer says

    I go back to school tomorrow and honestly I’m dreading it! I’ve already done two years in school and have an Associates Degree in Advertising and graphic design but yet I’m still going to the same school taking classes I don’t need just so I can transfer to a four-year school!

    On the positive side after reading this it makes feel like I need to enjoy it while I can, because after being out of school for a few years I’ll probably miss it too! haha. Thanks for helping me start this semester of school on a positive note.

    • Susannah says

      I hope your new school year is going well, Summer! Definitely enjoy it while you can. I’ll live vicariously through you!

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