Eating Well on $4/Day

'Cheap and Good' Cookbook // Feast + West

Let’s face it: Food is expensive. The prices don’t seem to stop rising, so I knew I had to share this incredible cookbook from Leanne Brown, a Canadian food-studies scholar and avid home cook in New York City. She created a series of inexpensive recipes and designed them into a gorgeous 132-page cookbook titled ‘Good and Cheap.’ Leanne offered it online as a free PDF download, and more than 10,000 people downloaded her draft version in the first few weeks.


Now, Leanne wants to take the cookbook a step further, and put it in the hands of people who might not have access to a computer. She’s raising money for a print-run via Kickstarter, selling the books on a buy-one, give-one model. The project has already more than met its $10,000 goal, but Leanne hopes to raise as much money as possible. More funds mean she can donate (or sell at a discount) more printed cookbooks to organizations that support low-income families on SNAP, the modern name for food stamps.

'Cheap and Good' Cookbook // Feast + West

I love what Leanne says in her intro video: “Pretty much everyone I meet wants to eat well and wants to feed their family well. The challenge is doing that on $4 a day.” Everything about this cookbook is a lovely idea, and I wish Leanne the best in getting this low-budget cookbook into as many hands as possible. The Kickstarter project has 17 days remaining. // susannah 

(Images // Leanne Brown)

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