Kitchen Road Trip: Michigan

Kitchen Road Trip: Michigan // Feast + West

Michigan is another state I’ve yet to visit, though I have been to the airport. A Michiganian friend of mine told me that whenever I meet someone from Michigan, I must hold up my right hand — fingers together and thumb out — and ask, “Where are you from?” Because the state is shaped like a mitten, the Michigander will point to the spot on her hand where she is from! Occasionally, she might bring in her other hand to illustrate the Upper Peninsula, the northern part that’s attached to Wisconsin and Canada. Michiganders (well, at least the ones I’ve met) are typically delighted that someone in the South knows this Michigan map trick! So useful. Next time you meed someone from Michigan, try it. It cracks me up every time. Anyway, here are a few of my favorite things from the Great Lakes State! Have a great week! // susannah

The Kitchen Road Trip series is a virtual ‘trip’ to a different state. Posted weekly on Mondays, each post is a gift guide to items from a different state, in alphabetical order, and features food & drinks, books, home goods and travel items. 

Click below to see the Michigan gift guide! 

Kitchen Road Trip: Michigan // Feast + West

1. Madcap Coffee Co. 616 Blend* ($20) // 2. Froehlich’s Organic Peanut Butter* ($9.95) // 3. Ice Cream Print by Jodi Lynn Burton* ($20) // 4. Recycled cotton lunch bag by LEFTright* ($14) // 5. Hopquila by New Holland Artisan Spirits ($40) // 6. Revisions Design Porcelain Mason Jar* ($32) // 7. MIReconstructed Wall Mounted Flower Vase* ($27) //8. Tulip Tea Towels by Jess Nielsen* ($20) // 9. ‘The American Cocktail: 50 Recipes That Celebrate the Craft of Mixing Drinks from Coast to Coast’ cookbook by Imbibe Magazine ($19.95) // 10.
Milled Home Goods Company Cheese Board* ($60)

*Made or designed in Michigan

(Photo of Detroit by Bernt Rostad)

The Golden Ratio Guide:

Mix the perfect cocktail, every time

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