Kitchen Road Trip: Kansas

Kitchen Road Trip: Kansas // Feast + West

My first introduction to Kansas, like most American children (probably) was watching the ‘Wizard of Oz.’ I’ve never been to Kansas (only Kansas City, most of which is actually in Missouri) but I’ve always wondered if Kansans ever grow tired of being associated with that movie. I can’t imagine so, because it is truly one of my favorite films.

As a designer and lover of color, there is so much to love about the colors of Oz: the cheery pastels of Munchkinland, the good witch’s rosy gown, the Emerald City, the horse of many colors and, of course, the famous yellow brick road. But I found inspiration for today’s Kitchen Road Trip in my favorite aspect of the movie — Dorothy’s ruby slippers. Her shoes are silver in the book, but MGM’s Technicolor experts thought red sequins would better suit the silver screen. Judy Garland’s original pair is on display at the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. Those glittering, rutilant heels are just as magical in person as they are on screen.

Today I’m sharing a ruby-red gift guide to the lovely Sunflower State. (Hopefully Dorothy would approve!) And if you’d like to go a bit further over the rainbow, here’s the Kitchen Road Trip archive. I’m going alphabetically by state, one per week. If I haven’t gotten to the food and design of your state yet, know that I will by the end of 2014! // susannah

Click below to see the Kansas gift guide! 

Kitchen Road Trip: Kansas // Feast + West

1. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Chelba coffee by PT’s Coffee Roasting Co.* ($18) // 2. Poppy Field Print by Rural Pearl* ($23) // 3. Toffee Fondue Sauce by Tall Grass Toffee Co.* ($6.99) // 4. Cats Paw Pottery Brocade Lotus Bowl* ($12) // 5. Copper Leaf Gourmet Cranberry Citrus Spiced Sauce* ($7.95) // 6. Poppy Flower Letterpress Coasters by Ruff House Art* ($10 for 10) // 7. Stitchouse Chevron Cloth Napkins* ($20 for set of four) // 8. Roasted Red Pepper Aioli by Chef Mark’s Kitchen* ($5.49) // 9. ‘America’s Best BBQ: 100 Recipes from America’s Best Smokehouses, Pits, Shacks, Rib Joints, Roadhouses, and Restaurants’ cookbook by Ardie A. Davis and Paul Kirk // 10. Christopher Elbow Peppermint Drinking Chocolate ($16)

*Made or designed in Kansas

(Photo // LeeAnne Adams)

The Golden Ratio Guide:

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  1. Autumn says

    On behalf of all of us at PT’s, thank you for the very nice write up! We are proud to be here in beautiful Kansas and surrounded by all these talented folks.

    I’m personally a huge fan of Angie’s (Rural Pearl) as well, so I was especially tickled. 🙂

    Best of luck with your project!

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