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A Memory Between Us by Dami You // Feast + West

There’s something so special about postcards. They’re like little mementos from places I’ve yet to visit. I try not to save every letter and card I get in the mail, but I do always save the postcards I’m sent. The converse is true, too — when I travel, I love sending postcards to my friends and family. Sometimes, though, it can be a challenge to know what to write about, especially if you have minimal time between excursions or if you’re just exhausted from being on the go.

A Memory Between Us by Dami You // Feast + West

Designer Dami You of New York hopes to change that with her Kickstarter campaign, A Memory Between Us. She’s raising money to produce packable postcard kits for traveling companions to share. Each person documents his or her perspectives on the same trip and mails the cards to loved ones. Each kit contains two sets of 12 postcards with prompts intended to make writing home easier and more intimate. The kits beg the question, ‘Why send a store-bought postcard when you can create your own?’

I can also see myself using a set of these postcards as a different sort of travel journal. You’d write an ‘entry’ on the postcards throughout your trip and mail them to yourself from each place you visit. When you get home, you’ve got a slightly weathered, postmarked journal to review, and maybe bind into a book. Your precious memories recorded forever. Awesome, no? It’s been a while since I’ve shared a Kickstarter find, and this project was too sweet not to share. Best of luck to Dami! // susannah 

A Memory Between Us by Dami You // Feast + WestA Memory Between Us by Dami You // Feast + West

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