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I am always on the lookout for new mobile apps. Every so often, I peruse blog and the App Store, searching for new apps that are useful, innovative and well-designed. It can be quite a tall order sometimes. So, when I find one I like, I’m going to share it in a new column I’m calling Apps of My Eye. Get it? OK, good. I was worried about that. I’m an iPhone gal, but I’ll do my best to share Android apps when I can.

First up is UP Coffee. It’s a new app from Jawbone that helps you track your caffeine intake. This is perfect for me as I’ve always fancied myself a night owl. In college, I preferred to sign up for afternoon classes so I could sleep later and do my homework by the light of the midnight oil. Sometimes (read: often) I would drink coffee late at night to help me stay up past my bedtime, but the caffeine never seemed to affect my sleep. Much to my chagrin, I have since lost that incredible ability. Now, if I have caffeine before bed (including my favorite Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies or my Spiked Iced Coffee with Bailey’s), my eyes will pop open in the middle of the night and it will take me what feels like forever to fall asleep again. Getting older is mean.


Enter this app, which allows you to log any caffeine you consume. The app offers quite a few choices, including coffee, tea, espresso, sodas, energy drinks, chocolate or medication. Then, it calculates how wired you are and estimates when you’ll be ready for sleep. It even lets you choose menu items from brands like Starbucks and Pepsi, so it can make a more precise prediction. My favorite part is the responsive animation that visualizes how much caffeine is in your system. UP Coffee also pairs with Jawbone’s UP Band, a wearable fitness band. I don’t own one, but supposedly it improves the app’s measurements. I appreciate, though, that the app still works even if you don’t have the band. I’d recommend this app if you’re into data-tracking apps or if you appreciate well-designed apps. (Seriously, that animation is sick.) // susannah


App: Up Coffee
Developer: Jawbone
Type(s): iPhone
Price: Free

(Photo // Feast + West, originally published on RDU Baton. Screen shots // Up Coffee app.)

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