Kitchen Road Trip: Delaware


Oh, what did Delaware? She wore a brand New Jersey! Hah, does anyone remember those silly state jokes, or this old Perry Como song? They bring back memories of childhood road trips for me!

Anyway, this week I’m taking the Kitchen Road Trip series to Delaware. I took my first official trip (by my count, anyway) to the First State last summer with my dad. I made him stop in Wilmington, Del. just so I could say I had been there. We ate ice cream and walked around for an hour before hitting the road again. It was short and sweet, but I got good vibes from Delaware. I’d like to come back someday to visit the famous Rehoboth Beach and some of the gorgeous lighthouses. Until next time, Delaware! // susannah

Click below to see my favorite finds from Delaware… 



1. Foxy & Winston Blue French Hen Cotton Napkins ($30) // 2. Robin Top Print by Twamies* ($12) // 3. Hand-painted Octopus Clutch by RKArtwork* ($32) //  4. Starboard Bloody Mary Mix* ($6.99) // 5. Dog Fish Head 120 Minute IPA Beer* ($12) // 6. House Industries Alphabet Factory Blocks* ($70) // 7. House Industries Flour Sack Towels* ($30 for three) // 8. A Geography of Oysters: The Connoisseur’s Guide to Oyster Eating in North America by Rowan Jacobsen ($17) // 9. Haug Ceramics Amber Porcelain Cup* ($24) // 10. Nautical Flag ‘S’ Print ($18)

*Made or designed in Delaware

(Photo // Flickr)

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  1. Kati says

    I love this! Thanks for featuring our print! It’s pretty cool to be in the same feature as House Industries (and, being a small state, I can say I have a friend who works there). I also found some new local faves!

    If you get a chance, you should definitely spend some time at the shore. If you like low-key beaches, try the Indian River Inlet. It’s my fave – though I always hit up the boardwalk at night!

    • Susannah says

      Thank you, Kati! That’s awesome. I LOVE your shop, especially your fox print! I really enjoyed researching the food and design of Delaware — what a cool state!

      Oh, and I am definitely going to have to come back. I wish I could have stayed longer last time!

      • Kati says

        Thank you! Delaware does not really have a cool reputation compared to neighboring areas like Philly, Baltimore and DC so it’s nice to see someone appreciate the area. It’s really like any place – who you know, where you look and what you make of it.

        Ping me next time you are going to be in town and I can tell you things to stare at and (most importantly) places to grab a bite!

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