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I once told a designer friend I liked her computer’s background and she told me, jokingly, “A graphic designer is only as good as her desktop wallpaper.” It made me laugh at the time, but it’s actually not that far from the truth. The photographic backgrounds I choose for my computer and phone really do affect my workflow, helping me to be more focused, inspired and creative.

So, each month, I’m going to share some wallpapers with you! I’ll only share images I’d use as my own desktop wallpaper. I’m in the process of scouting photographers with whom to collaborate, so if there’s someone whose work you’d love to see here, please send them my way!


First up is the very talented Jordan Johnson. I first met Jordan through a friend in college, and I’m so glad we have kept in touch all these years. These days, Jordan is working as a graphic designer in Chicago. She also runs the online shop Cozy Culture, where she sells her lovely crocheted creations. I was lucky to spend some time with Jordan in Chicago a while back, and I love following her Midwestern adventures on her Instagram. Lately, she’s been posting lots of gorgeous, wintry scenes, and she graciously agreed to let me share a couple with you. Thank you, Jordan!


Click below to download Jordan’s dreamy wallpapers… 


Jordan says: “Despite having lived in Chicago for three winters, this year’s has been the first that truly felt like what a Midwestern winter should. The lakefront trail is where I go to clear my mind, so one day when I had cabin fever, I fired up my Sufjan Stevens playlist and trekked over with my camera. I was the only one out there, since it was hovering around 0 degrees, and it was the most solitary I’ve ever felt in this crowded city.”

// Download ‘A Vision of a Gentle Coast’ // 
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2560 x 1440 | iPad | iPhone | iPhone 5


Jordan says: “Being from the South, I’ve never walked on a lake when it’s frozen, much less a Great Lake. The fence shown in the picture normally separates the beach [of Lake Michigan] from the parking lot, but right now it’s just in the middle of what appears to be an endless frozen field. I read that something like 88 percent of the Great Lakes are under ice right now, and I would absolutely believe it.”

// Download ‘Across Lake Michigan’ // 
1280 x 800 | 1440 x 900 | 1680 x 1050 | 1920 x 1200
2560 x 1440 | iPad | iPhone | iPhone 5

Note: All artwork is copyrighted and belongs to the artist, Jordan Johnson. These images are available for personal use only. No retail or commercial uses are allowed.

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