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Having fresh, filtered water on hand is important, as well as refreshing and delicious. It can be disgusting, though, when the taste is off and those little charcoal bits float around in your water, and yet you can’t remember when you last replaced the filter. (Don’t worry, I am guilty of this, too.)

Enter Soma, a company that aims to make the act of drinking water a cleaner and more efficient experience with its sustainable water filters. Soma’s handsome glass carafes hold up to six 8-ounce glasses of water, and its water filters are made from coconut shell carbon, silk and a BPA-free, biodegradable plant-based casing. The purchase of a carafe also comes with automatic enrollment in Soma’s filter subscription service, which sends a replacement filter every 60 days. The design of the carafe is sleek, simple and elegant, and it’s an extraordinary example of form and function working in tandem.


Yes, I do realize it’s a bit of a first world problem to complain about the taste of water from my tap or fridge when 1 billion people don’t have access to any clean drinking water. And that is why Soma is even cooler: A portion of every sale goes to charity: water, a non-profit organization working to bring clean and safe drinking water to everyone in the world. I’ll raise my glass to that! I’m definitely adding the Soma to my wish list. // susannah 

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  1. Kyra Faulkner says

    Ugh I’m such a sucker for design — but seriously, this is a gorgeous water filter, no? adding this to my shopping list too!

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