The Ketchup Revolution


Ketchup is a standard condiment pretty much anywhere in America. You’re sure to find it wherever French fries are sold, either in packets or a bottle. But unlike its cousins in the condiment aisle — mustard, ranch, mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, jam, salsa, — there is very little variety when it comes to ketchup. To my knowledge, it only seems to come in one flavor: tomato.

The couple behind ‘Chups are hoping to change that with a Kickstarter campaign. Washington, D.C.-based Matt and Kori Wallace have developed a line of fruit-flavored ketchups that they hope will start a “ketchup revolution.” They’re aiming to introduce new flavors to the ketchup market, broaden its use in cooking and celebrate its history. The Chinese, as it turns out, were the ones who invented ketchup back in the 17th century, as a fermented fish sauce. It came to England and America during colonial times, when people ate ketchup flavored with mushrooms, walnuts and other fruits. Later, the tomato-based recipe took precedence.


If the pair’s Kickstarter campaign receives funding, they will be able to produce their ketchups at Union Kitchen, a commercial, licensed kitchen in D.C. for small businesses to share. The first five flavors will be cherry, plum, blueberry, mango and peach. I like tomato ketchup as much as the next person, but I’m intrigued by the ‘Chups mission and I’m totally game to sample their fruit-based creations. Plus, I love the clean design on the labels. Best of luck, Matt and Kori! // susannah

(Images by Pepper Watkins for ‘Chups)

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