Kitchen Road Trip: Alabama


In my family, we’re racing to see who will be the first to visit all 50 states, but there’s some argument (mainly from me) about what “counts” as a visit. For example, in my opinion, an airport layover doesn’t count. Driving through without stopping doesn’t count. Going there as a baby doesn’t count. I suppose any of those could get half-credit if you’re using this interactive map, not my rules, to track your progress. But to me, making a memory is what really matters. If you do something memorable that connects you to the state — such as a meal or a photo-op — then you get the full point.

With today’s Kitchen Road Trip, I’m taking you to the great state of Alabama. Even though I have “passed through” on road trips at least twice, none of them “count” by my rules. Much of my knowledge of Alabama, sadly, comes from history class, books and movies. ‘To Kill A Mockingbird,’ ‘Forrest Gump’ and ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ spring to mind. Also, a pair of my friends once schooled me on the difference between the War Eagle and the Crimson Tide, but that’s really about it. However, everything I read about the Cotton State to prepare this post just made me excited about visiting someday. Alabamans sound like an incredibly charming bunch who live for a good bowl of grits and college football, and I can’t wait to meet them! In addition to the finds below, I also came across these recipes for white barbecue sauce and black bottom pie that I absolutely must try… // susannah

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1. Farmhouse Mud Rusty Enamel Bowl* ($92) // 2. The Alabama Biscuit Co.’s Biscuit Mix* ($12) // 3. Tasia’s Table cookbook ($20.79) // 4. Vintage Alabama Souvenir Glass ($13) // 5. Night Owl Paper Goods’ Wooden Bookmark and Measuring Conversion* ($5) // 6. Orbix Hot Glass Small Groove Vase in Gold* ($42) // 7. To Kill A Mockingbird Poster ($19.75) // 8. Alabama-shaped Cheese Board* ($39) // 9. Not Yo Mama’s Habanero Marmalade* ($4.95) // 10. Big Bob Gibson’s Champion Red Barbecue Sauce* ($4.75)

*Alabama product

Photo of Birmingham, Ala. by acnatta / Flickr

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