Corn + Thyme Soup

Corn + Thyme Soup // Feast + West

Corn has always been one of my favorite foods. My mother served corn-on-the-cob often when I was growing up. I remember eagerly slathering butter and salt all over mine while my brother and sister stared at me, utterly grossed out. Maybe I’m remembering wrong, but I still feel much the same way about corn: It’s the best.

I’ve made this recipe several times over the years, adapting it from the cookbook, ‘Great Food Fast.’ Though you can substitute frozen or canned corn, I prefer to cut it right off the cob. It’s hard work to shuck corn and remove every last tassel, but it makes all the difference. If you can, get fresh corn at the farmers market and give this recipe a go! With just a few ingredients, it makes such a fabulous and flavorful summer soup. // susannah 

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12 Mocktail Recipes for Summer

12 Mocktail Recipes for Summer // Feast + West

The first rule of planning a menu for a party is to make sure you have refreshments that all your guests can enjoy. That adage also holds true for cocktails. Today I’m sharing 12 mocktail recipes for summer!

Mocktails are the virgin versions of cocktails. Because they’re sans liquor, these virgin beverages can be healthier and less expensive than their boozy counterparts. They can still be tasty, however!

Most cocktail recipes that have three or more ingredients have a mocktail cousin. Here’s how to modify 12 of my Friday Night Delights posts into non-alcoholic drinks that are perfect for the summer months. Serve them to non-drinkers or minors, or enjoy one yourself! What’s your favorite mocktail? // susannah

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Kitchen Road Trip: New Hampshire

Kitchen Road Trip: New Hampshire // Feast + West

Happy Monday! We’re headed to beautiful New Hampshire with today’s Kitchen Road Trip. I visited the Granite State for the first time last summer. My dad and I made a pit stop in the capital city of Concord for some froyo. I was so taken with the shiny golden dome of the New Hampshire State House across the street — so different from the oxidized copper roof of the North Carolina Capitol Building. In fact, that golden hue is what inspired the color scheme of this New Hampshire gift guide. (I have my eye on that shimmering vase!) Check out some more of my picks for this guide over on Pinterest. // susannah

The Kitchen Road Trip series is a virtual ‘trip’ to a different state. Posted weekly on Mondays, each post is a gift guide to items from a different state, in alphabetical order, and features food & drinks, books, home goods and travel items.  

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Cherry Bounce

Cherry Bounce // Feast + West

I’m doing something a little different for this week’s Friday Night Delight. Today I’m sharing a recipe for Cherry Bounce. I’ve never made it before, partly because of the time involved. (It can take up to six months to make!) Then I realized how selfish it would be to keep this recipe to myself while cherries are in season. So, here you go.

Cherry Bounce is an old, old libation. Like, 1700s old. According to The Wall Street Journal, even the first first lady, Martha Washington, used to make it. Cherry Bounce, a homemade cordial made with a cherry harvest, played an important part in the founding of Raleigh, N.C. as it was the liqueur of choice among the legislators who planned the capital city, according to the Raleigh Public Record. It’s a very American drink with a lot of history.

Cherry Bounce can be made lots of ways, but it primarily involves fresh cherries, sugar, spices and an alcohol such as whiskey, brandy, vodka or rum. Martha Washington’s recipe called for 20 pounds of Morrella cherries, 10 quarts of cognac and sugar and spices to taste. In mine, I also added star anise, cinnamon sticks and whole cloves.

From what I sampled of the cherry mixture I made, it’s going to be amazing. I will post again when I open my jars and let you know how it turns out! Though I’ll have to wait a while, it will be wonderful to sip during the fall and holiday season. And if you need a cocktail to make tonight, be sure to check out the Friday Night Delights archive — lots of options there! // susannah 

Click below to see how I made Cherry Bounce!

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Summer Playlist

Summer Playlist // Feast + West

It’s been a while since I’ve shared with you what music I’ve been listening to, so I decided to introduce a new column for playlists. Every so often, I’ll share a few of the songs I’m playing on repeat as I’m driving, working or cooking. This summer playlist is what’s been on my airwaves the last few weeks.

The songs in this playlist have been my obsessions this summer. A couple yeas ago, I was obsessed with Torches by Foster the People, so I’m thrilled they came out with a new album, ‘Supermodel.’ I also can’t stop listening to the eponymous Sylvan Esso album. And the song ‘Boom Clap’ by Charli XCX has been stuck in my head for weeks. Those are just a handful of my favorites right now, so be sure to listen to the entire playlist on either Rdio or Spotify! // susannah

See the full playlist at  Rdio or Spotify!


No-Bake Nutella Oatmeal Cookies

Gluten-Free No-Bake Nutella Oatmeal Cookies // Feast + West

Baking in the summer can be brutal. When the oven’s on inside and out, it’s never comfortable to be in the kitchen. For this reason, I love to make no-bake cookies — like these No-Bake Nutella Oatmeal Cookies — in the summer months.

These recipes are quick to whip up on the stove, then you drop spoonfuls of batter onto a baking sheet. The cookies will harden and cool quickly, leaving you with delicious, nearly fool-proof cookies. These cookies combine some of my favorite ingredients — chocolate, peanut butter and hazelnuts. And, they’re gluten-free! (Just be sure you’re using gluten-free oats.) How do you beat the heat in your summer kitchen? Let me know in the comments! //  susannah

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C% Pure Vegan Soap

C% Pure Vegan Soap // Feast + West

Being a vegan must be really difficult. That is speculation, of course — I have no personal experience with veganism, but I have tried vegetarianism and other modified diets. It’s hard. I have so much respect for people who choose that lifestyle. One of the tougher parts of veganism must be the elimination of everyday items that contain animal products. I’m not very educated on the topic, but I often find myself surprised there are animal products in things I use, like make-up and soap. Soap! I had no idea.

C% Pure is a new line of vegan soaps from Deva America, the woman behind one of my favorite Etsy shops, Fresh Pastry Stand in Florida. Wrapped in beautifully designed, environment-friendly packaging, these soaps are soy-free, all-natural and free of dyes and artificial fragrances. They’re totally vegan and they’re not tested on animals either.

For now, the soaps come in four scents: citrusy Grove, musky Sea Smoke, ginger Kulfi and vanilla Sweet Bitters. (My money’s on the Sea Smoke!) Be sure to check out the Kickstarter Deva has going right now to bring C% Pure to commercial market! // susannah 

C% Pure Vegan Soap // Feast + West

(Photos // C% Pure)


Kitchen Road Trip: Nevada

Kitchen Road Trip: Nevada // Feast + West

Anyone feeling lucky? Today we’re headed to Nevada on the Kitchen Road Trip series. I’ve never been to Las Vegas, but I have driven through one teeny corner of Nevada during a trip to California. I definitely owe the Silver State a proper visit. In doing research for this Nevada gift guide, I read about the Neon Museum, a graveyard for the neon signs of Las Vegas. As a lover of typography and vintage signs, that would be high on my list of places to visit! Anyway, I love all the bright colors in this gift guide. Be sure to check out a few more Nevadan items over on Pinterest! // susannah

The Kitchen Road Trip series is a virtual ‘trip’ to a different state. Posted weekly on Mondays, each post is a gift guide to items from a different state, in alphabetical order, and features food & drinks, books, home goods and travel items.  

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Honey Peach Old-Fashioned

Honey Peach Old-Fashioned // Feast + West

You guys, it’s peach season. There are few things that would make a Southern woman happier than a bushel of fuzzy, farmers-market-fresh peaches. I love peaches plain, with ice cream, baked into cobbler… and in cocktails, of course! I dreamed up this Honey Peach Old-Fashioned and it is so good. Honey, bourbon, lemon, bitters, ginger ale and some mashed up peaches on the rocks. It’s the nectar of the gods. This is what I want to be drinking for the rest of the summer. Scratch that — it’s what I will be drinking for the rest of the summer. Hope you enjoy it too! // susannah

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Smarty Pins Game

Smarty Pins

Earlier this summer, I told you about my love for the spelling bee, but I’ve always wanted to participate in a geography bee. Essentially, they’re competitions in which participants answer questions about cities, countries, bodies of water and landforms. I’ve always thought it was important to learn about the world. I used to wish my school pushed us to learn more with something like a geography bee. It sounds right up my alley! (Now, whether I’d be good at it is a whole other thing.)

I suppose I’ll just have to settle for Google’s new Smarty Pins game. This web-based game utilizes Google Maps technology while posing trivia questions on things like history, pop culture and sports. Then, you place a pin on the map where you think the answer is. The game allots you 10,000 miles, which act like points — each wrong answer deducts the distance in miles from your score. The game is over when you’re out of miles. You can also earn bonus miles for beating the clock.

Smarty Pins

The resulting experience is incredibly fun and cheeky, with Google Maps’ Pegman acting as head cheerleader. Almost Olympic in its rewards, you can earn virtual bronze, silver, gold and even diamond pins (and probably more, but I haven’t made it that far) for lots of right answers. It makes learning about the world enjoyable for any age. Play the Smarty Pins game here! Let me know on Twitter what score you get. // susannah 

Smarty Pins

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